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Why Your Promotions Might Not Be As Successful As You Anticipated

When it comes to the realm of promotional products and the promotional products industry, taking a moment to put some thought into a plan can alter the success of your marketing initiatives. There are a lot of common mistakes that brands make when trying to use promotional marketing, and mistakes are okay, but ParsonsKellogg is here to help you learn from them.

Ignoring the wants/needs of your audience

Obviously there are items that you, as the audience, would prefer to receive. Maybe to-go mugs and hats are your shtick, but that doesn?t mean that?s what your recipients want or need. Functionality and usefulness are key! In fact, 77% of consumers say that the number one reason why they keep a promotional product is because of its usefulness. So just ask! Reach out to your employees and targeted audience and see what it is that they?re looking for. It?s an easy way to ensure that the money you spend on promotion won?t be wasted.

Waiting until the last minute

Sometimes things fall through the metaphoric crack”; whether they are forgotten underestimated or procrastinated we?re all guilty of waiting until the last minute to do something. Yes many companies are efficient at rush orders but they?re going to cost you?both in price as well as time needed to fix potential mistakes. Do your sanity and your wallet a favor and make a timeline for all upcoming events and promotional needs!

Price over quality

The price tag is always important illuminating the dividing line between what is affordable and what is out of reach but there is a fine line between saving money and buying cheap products. If you choose cheap products that serve your wallet better than they serve your audience you will find a much smaller return on investment. Your promo products reflect your company and cheap products will discredit your brand. But have no fear! You don?t have to spend extensive amounts of money just work to find cost effective items that are useful and good quality!

Too much or too little information

Promotional products are supposed to boost your brand recognition and outreach so you want to make sure your items are branded simply and effectively. While you don?t want to hand out promo products inundated with information about your brand a single logo is just as inefficient. Give enough information that people know what they?re looking at but not too much that it becomes aesthetically unappealing.

Wrong target audience

Promotional products are essentially another member of your team. They sell your brand to your market outside the confines of your company. Something to keep in mind is exactly who you want to reach via these products. Choosing items that do not appeal to the audience within your target market is a common mistake. When looking at items make sure you?re choosing something that people will like and use. Handing out toys or stuffed animals with your logo might not be as effective as you?d like because the age group using the products are likely not the ones using your services. So be conscientious and promote your brand with products that appeal to your market!

To avoid these mistakes and get the bang for your buck that you deserve contact PK!

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