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pK promo productsThere are few marketing tools that are more effective than promotional products. According to a study from Promotional Products Association International, 88 percent of consumers who received a promotional product in the past 12 months remember the product’s advertisers. Another 62 percent of consumers remembered the message that was printed on the promotional product. This level of effectiveness in communicating a company’s brand is why promotional products are an essential component in any marketing mix.

Most of the traditional forms of advertising are presented to consumers through interruption. Television commercials interrupt programs. Magazine ads are interspersed throughout the magazine’s pages, interrupting the reading experienced. Online ads can be extremely disruptive, especially when they block access to a website or slow down the online experience.

Promotional products, on the other hand, are often integrated into a consumer’s life. The most popular promotional items are those that have a specific function. Products like pens, calendars, and USB drives are commonly used as promotional items because they’re highly functional. A consumer will likely use the item on a daily basis. As the consumer uses the product, they’re more likely to remember the advertiser’s name and message.

Four ways to include promotional products in your marketing mix

One of the greatest benefits of branded products is their versatility. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, branded products can be used in any method that you see fit. Below are four of the most effective ways to use branded products.

1) To express gratitude. Branded products are an excellent way to thank a customer for their continued support. Some companies will automatically send a promotional product to welcome a first time customer or to express gratitude for a large purchase. Higher-end products can be used for larger dollar clients and sales. Non-profit organizations can also use branded products to thank donors and volunteers.

2) To recognize achievement. Promotional products are also effective in their ability reinforce positive behaviors. Clients can be recognized with a promotional product  for hitting a milestone or achieving a notable accomplishment. Many companies also use promotional products to recognize employees. An incentive program that awards employees with varying levels of branded items can reinforce employee behavior and boost employee loyalty and morale. It can also help spread the company’s brand and message, especially if the employee uses the item outside of work.

3) To enhance branding and presence. This may be the most common use for branded products. Giving away a useful, functional promotional product can be one of the most cost effective ways to communicate a company’s brand with a large number of people. Whether it’s at a trade show, a community event, or even just to prospects and customers who visit the business, a promotional giveaway can help a business spread its message.

4) To encourage action. Coupling a promotional product with action can encourage a prospect to take the next step in the buying process. Sports Illustrated is famous for giving away branded gifts like phones, footballs, and calendars with new magazine subscriptions. An appealing promotional product can sometimes be just enough to motivate a prospect to take action.

Branded products are so effective because they give businesses multiple ways to engage their customers. There are few other marketing methods that can incorporate a company’s brand and message into a customer’s life like a promotional product, which is why they’re a critical ingredient in any marketing mix.

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