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Dewars ShirtAccording to a recent survey conducted by Cintas Corporation, a majority of Americans say their perception of a company becomes more positive if they see employees in uniform. The survey was conducted in January and was administered by Harris Interactive. Out of the 2,051 adults who were surveyed, nearly 65 percent provided positive feedback about the benefits of employees wearing uniforms.

Specifically, respondents said that uniforms improved the image of the company and made the business feel safer and more secure. They also said the uniforms improved the chances that they would do business with the company.

Corporate apparel vs. uniforms

The results of the survey are certainly good news for businesses that use uniforms. However, uniforms in the traditional sense are best used in very specific workplaces. Often they’re found in businesses in which a person’s clothing could become dirty or stained. Garages, manufacturing facilities, and health care providers all commonly use uniforms so employees don’t have to risk ruining their personal clothing.

Traditional uniforms don’t work as well in cleaner settings, such as offices or retail businesses. However, those businesses can still reap the benefits of a uniformed appearance without putting their employees in full traditional uniforms.

Corporate apparel is an effective way to enhance your business’s image while still allowing your employees to personalize their style. Corporate apparel is clothing that is very similar to the types of garments you would see in any retailer. The only difference is that the clothing is branded with a company’s name or logo.

Polo shirts are an excellent example of corporate apparel. They come in a wide variety of colors, quality, and prices to meet any budget or style. The company name or logo can usually be tastefully embroidered on the front left chest or a sleeve without ruining the style of the shirt.

Other popular types of corporate branded apparel include t-shirts, fleeces, coats, jackets, vests, and hoodies. Nearly any type of clothing can be embroidered with a name or logo to enhance a company’s brand.

Benefits of corporate apparel

The biggest benefit of corporate branded apparel is that it provides all the image benefits of a uniform while still offering employees the freedom to craft their own style. Many companies offer employees branded apparel as an option, but don’t require that it be worn to work.

Many companies also provide branded apparel as part of employee incentive programs. A high-quality shirt or jacket can make a nice gift for an employee who has achieved a goal or performed above and beyond the call of duty.

One of the added benefits of corporate apparel is that the clothing isn’t limited to work. While a uniform is usually only worn in the workplace, branded apparel can be worn nearly anywhere. That means the employee’s clothing can serve as a subtle promotional piece even when the employee is away from work.

If uniforms aren’t the right solution for your company, that doesn’t mean that you can’t realize the benefits that a uniform provides. Take a look at corporate apparel to enhance your company’s image, reward your employees, and promote your brand.

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