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FedexIt?s a few days before Thanksgiving and your family in California (3000 miles away) suddenly decides to host a turkey dinner. You’re tempted to go because it?s going to be an absolutely beautiful long weekend in the sunshine state, but then you research the price of transportation and the reality of the cost to get there quickly sets in.

Whether you are transporting yourself or merchandise, you?ll want to consider reviewing these factors prior to purchase.


Size and Weight of Your Package(s)

Everyone knows that when you send a package, the package weight plays a big part in determining the cost of shipping. This is true regardless of carrier, with the US Post Service, UPS, and Fedex (amongst others), all using weight-base shipping charges. But – and this is a big but – did you know that shipping carriers also consider “dimensional weight” when determining the cost of shipping?

Dimensional Weight Calculation

Dimensional weight reflects package density, which is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. To understand dimensional weight charges, you have to calculate the cubic size of your package. This can be done by multiplying the height in inches or centimeters (number 1 in the diagram), by the length in inches or centimeters (number 2 in the diagram), by the width in inches or centimeters (number 3 in the diagram). Round each measurement to the nearest whole inch or centimeter. The resulting total is the cubic size of your package. (Thanks to the folks at UPS for the diagram!)

Once you know the cubic size of your package, you can contact your shipping carrier for exact dimensional weight charges.


Expedited vs. Ground Transportation

Similar to booking travel, the cost of shipping merchandise can vary based on the distance it is going and the speed at which it needs to get there. When planning your marketing campaigns, be sure to factor transportation time into the overall turn time of the program.

In an ideal world of marketing campaigns and promotions, your team will have planned ahead and will be able to take advantage of less expensive ground transportation options and standard turn time. However, many times the need for promotional items pops up at the last minute. If that is the case, expedited shipping may be required. Expediting an order will include rushed processing and delivery, so be sure to always ask for a shipping estimate and expediting fee prior to placing the order. That way, you will be able to factor the additional cost into your overall budget.


To / From Locations

When traveling for business or pleasure, you can take a plane, train or automobile. Each mode of transportation comes at a price. The same holds true when shipping merchandise. Here at parsonsKellogg we have East and West coast facilities where we are able to receive, decorate, assemble, store and distribute efficiently to take advantage of local distribution. With the ever increasing costs of transportation, this enables us to take advantage of being close to where you want your products to be delivered.


Logistics to Consider

Lastly, here are a few logistical questions to ask when budgeting shipping costs into your marketing campaign.

Delivery Location: 

  • Is there a loading dock?
  • Do they accept pallets?
  • Will there be someone there to receive and sign for it?

Packaging Requirements:

  • Number of pieces per box?
  • Weight per box?
  • Size per box?
  • Additional requirements such as Polybags and shipping labels

Here at parsonsKellogg, we will work with you and our vendors to get you detailed information about shipping charges before you place your order, ensuring your programs are delivered on time and within budget.

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Image credits: Fedex, dimensional weight

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