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What Your Logo Really Means

As the holiday weekend approaches we ponder the meaning of our country and what our red, white, and blue flag really means to us. It has stood before us for over two centuries, waving its stars and stripes as a reminder of our freedom and equality. How is the American flag similar to your logo? Here at ParsonsKellogg we have the expertise needed to answer this question. They both serve as a sort of symbol, measuring the meaning and importance behind what they stand for. For us, we emphasize your brand through the means of promotional products. 

Whether you realize it or not, a company?s logo has a fairly large impact on the decision of the consumer as well as the success of the enterprise. According to research, upon seeing a logo the audience immediately makes presumptions about the characteristics of the brand based on its design.  This is why you want to make a good first impression because your brand is being scrutinized within milliseconds of being seen (400 milliseconds to be exact).

Take these companies for example, what are your first thoughts when you see the following trademarked brands? Are they positive or negative? Would you recommend them to a friend?

Jim Beam



A picture (or in our case a logo) is worth 1,000 words. Both the flag and your brand?s logo speak without using words, but what they stand for says it all. Our expertise in promotional products enables you to promote your message and maximize your brand?s exposure. Through building exposure you familiarize your audience with your brand, which slowly builds your credibility and credibility strengthens the positive effect of your brand.

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