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When deciding on product options for key marketing initiatives, companies often have limited product choices for co-branding programs. Often times, the hot ticket products that can be seen on athletes or in retail stores are not available through corporate channels. Enter, pre-booking.

What exactly is pre-booking?

Pre-booking is when you place an order in advance with a manufacturer to ensure an allocation of a specific product at a certain time. Most pre-book (or futures) orders are placed 4-8 months in advance of a delivery date.

Why Timing Matters

If you’re considering pre-booking, know that order deadlines are strict and you may come across obstacles in planning out your strategy – whether obtaining approvals in advance of the required timeline, or if you’re struggling to determine product needs so far out. Pre-booking can be difficult if you are unable to predict your inventory and volume expectations so far in advance.

Know what products work

While pre-booking works for some products, it might not be right for all. Apparel is obviously a very popular option to pre-book. Pre-booking is great for any fashion product where you are securing inventory on the best items. Additionally, products where a specific color is needed if that color is considered more of a fashion or trend color are ideal for pre-booking. Corporate collections typically have more of a narrow and traditional color palette.

If you’re interested in pre-booking, our team is happy to answer any questions regarding the process or what brands are best pre-booked.

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