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TSHIRTSIf you’re considering pre-booking or if you’ve already decided that this type of advanced ordering would be beneficial for your organization, it’s time to look at what types of products you should consider.

What products are ideal for pre-booking?

Apparel is obviously a very popular option to pre-book. Prebooking is great for any fashion products where you are securing inventory on the best items, however this requires advance planning. Additionally, products where a specific color is needed if that color is considered more of a fashion or trend color are
ideal for pre-booking. Corporate collections typically have more of a narrow and traditional color palette.

Golf balls as well, can provide significant savings if you can forecast the number needed and your budget ahead of time.

In the past we’ve been able to deliver successful promotions for our clients with baseball caps, customized polo shirts, and golf bags. These pre-book orders were aligned with the brands we weorked with both in color and in style and guaranteed inventory for our clients.

Some questions to ask yourself before you pre-book your promtional items

  • How important are retail and fashion brands to my marketing goals?
  • Is it important to align our company values and marketing initiatives with a specific lifestyle brand or athlete?
  • Does our team have an idea of product needs in advance?
  • Does our brand align well with retail needs?
  • What is important to our customers and employees from a brand recognition standpoint?

If pre-booking still appeals to your and your strategy, ensure your promotional products orders will be ready to be reserved two seasons ahead as pre-booking typically requires a four to six month timeline.

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