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Weekend Team Building Adventures with Patagonia

Attention, weekend warriors! You know you start thinking about your next adventure before you fall asleep on Sunday night. There is no denying that adventure weekends with colleagues get you pumped up to take on new challenges, whether on a mountainside or in the office.

Or to put it another way: The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team Phil Jackson.

So forget the PowerPoint tutorial. Corporate team building is about testing your limits, feeling exhilarated and relying on each other to reach new heights in the mountains, on the trail, on the water or in the boardroom. To get the most of a team building adventure, you must have the best gear, and that?s where Patagonia comes in.

Take the Black Hole Duffel, for example. With its protective padded base, multiple large pockets and removal shoulder straps that let you haul it ? and brand it ? how you like, this Duffel is a real team player and a must-have for an adventure weekend. Or take your pick from any of Patagonia?s versatile packs: including the Half Mass, Yerba, Refugio and Arbor to up your game.

Black Hole Duffel

With Patagonia?s corporate promotional apparel, you get the highest-quality outdoor gear coupled with a sense of camaraderie and corporate team building. Patagonia?s mission virtually guarantees it: Build the best product cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

Who could argue with that?

In fact why not partner with that?

ParsonsKellogg can work with you to co-brand your company identity with Patagonia?s corporate promotional apparel which can open doors and minds and add value to your brand. With Patagonia?s reputation for corporate social/environmental responsibility you can?t afford NOT to “put your logo on it.”

Contact PK today to take your corporate adventure weekend to the next level. Friday?s coming fast.

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