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Upcoming Giving: Employee Appreciation Day

If you’re anything like us, it’s easy to let dates and holidays sneak up on you. Whether it’s last minute Christmas shopping, or calling the florist first thing Valentine’s Day morning, finding that perfect gift in the 11th hour can bring a lot of stress.

At PK, we want to ensure you don’t miss opportunities to show your appreciation and strengthen your brand throughout the year. That’s why we’re staying ahead of the game in 2017 and letting you know what’s upcoming for promotional products trends.

On March 3, employers nationwide will celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, an annual event held the first Friday of March to recognize employees for their hard work behind the scenes. Geniune appreciation can’t be faked – and it’s important to inspire your employees to feel good about working at your company! The number one reason employees leave their jobs is becuase they feel they’re not recognized for their hard work, so we’re here to help you plan the best way to make your employees feel appreciated.

Recognition programs have proven time and time again to increase productivity, augment employee engagement, and decrease turnover. March 3 gives employers a chance to show the appreciation they feel every day in a big way.

Whether you’ll celebrate their hard work in just one day, or you want to give back every day, here are some great ideas to say thanks to those special people who keep your company going.

Make It A To-Do

Everyone loves a celebration. Instead of a gift this year, have some fun and host a small event to recognize your team’s contributions. A catered breakfast is a go-to hit at any office, complete with all the fixings. Or, give your team a Summer Friday (the 3rd is the end of the week after all!) Have a bigger budget? A company dinner with families is a great way to say thanks to your employees and those who support them.*

*Disclaimer: We do not recommend a Michael Scott-worthy introductory rap from the boss at the event.

High Quality Items that Pack a Punch

High quality gifts show your employees that you’ve put thought into your purchase. With ParsonsKellogg, you get exclusive access to premium brands like Peter Millar, Johnnie-O, Patagonia, Nike, and more – brands your employees know and love that make amazing employee gifts. Your team goes above and beyond every day, so choose a gift that goes above and beyond for them.

PM coastline-x2tumi-x2Nano Puff-x2

Pictured Items: Peter Millar Coastline Sweater, Tumi Duffel, Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Work in Recognition Every Day

A grand gesture can be great, but the little things can have a big impact. Some companies hold a weekly meeting to discuss sales wins; others post accomplishments on a centralized screen in the lobby. Whether it’s a Cross pen, a premium leather Journalbook, or even a simple “thank you,” it’s important to show your recognition every day.

Showing your employees the appreciation they deserve requires thought and planning. Let PK take the hard work off your plate and help you create a healthy, motivating work environment by planning meaningful employee giving for your teams.

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