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Getting professional help these days can be challenging. But it becomes paramount when you host events or tournaments. What you need is first hand experience. As a PGA professional working for parsonsKellogg, that?s where I step in to assist, give you my first hand experience, and make your program go smoother.

Consider for a moment the role of a PGA Professional at your local golf course. In a given season a course can host as many as 50 tournaments ranging from corporate outings, men’s and women’s member events, junior tournaments, and fundraisers for local charities. Understanding how each event must cater to different demographics with varying expectations and tastes, it?s a challenge to find products that represent not only the participants but also the surrounding environment. The Pro’s role is often similar to that of an interior decorator; depending on the budget, clientele, and tastes, he or she will help the sponsor choose the products that best suite their overall needs.

Along with product knowledge comes the ability to determine which equipment options are best suited for each player. For example, what?s important for the male executive might not be appropriate for the female executive, or the junior player. Each has different tastes and physical needs. Having a mismatch will make the event a bust, while having products that participants desire will add a level of enthusiasm and competition that raises the level of enjoyment. I am often asked to help clients determine which clubs would be the best option for Executive’s gifts, birthday’s, special occasions, etc.

Knowing manufacturers’ claims for their products can help to determine which are the best. With the extensive marketing going into clubs these days, it’s tough for most to decipher which technologies are actually being used to help their games and which are used to sell more clubs. Being able to offer unbiased opinions that are based upon the facts and not sales pressure is a luxury worth the effort. When fitting individuals, information is key, and the more accurate information one can provide about a manufacturers’ current specs (i.e., swing speed, ball flight trajectory, and design preferences) improves the chances of fitting the person with equipment that produces the best results.

It is not just having the extensive product lines that help you make a successful event.
Providing professional advice to assist in your selection is an added value for you and your recipients.

Eric Nadelman

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