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Top Promotional Products 2019
Top Promotional Products 2019
Top Promotional Products 2019
Top Promotional Products 2019

That’s a Wrap | The Top Promotional Product Trends of 2019

The year is coming to a close, and the promotional market has seen many new products and trends make lasting impressions. As we wrap up 2019, there are many products that entered the market with force that will definitely make their way into 2020 as well. Below are some of the top trends throughout the year that have been a hit at corporate events, trade shows, and also as promotional giveaways.

YETI Products

YETI has been a popular name in the promotional products industry this year. YETI products such as Rambler Tumblers, Rambler Bottles, Tundra Hard Coolers, and Hopper Soft Coolers dominated through each season. YETI products were hot promotional items through the spring and summer as the brand is perfect for outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, hiking, beach days, and tailgates. The hype did not die down entering fall and winter as these drinkware and cooler products were some of the top corporate holiday gifts this year.

Eco-Friendly Products

Over the past years consumers have continually became more eco-conscious in their purchasing decisions and choose to support brands that have a positive influence on society. This shift to be more conscious in purchasing decisions has also been evident in the promotional products world with the rise in products from brands such as Patagonia, XACTLY, MiiR, and more. Some of the products that ranked high on the list include reusable straws, as well as eco-friendly office supplies such as recycled notebooks, backpacks, and bags. To learn more about eco-friendly promotional products read our previous blog on the latest sustainable products.

Wireless Chargers

This year has been the year of becoming wire-free. Wireless speakers and headphones have taken over the market in previous years, but this year wireless chargers have become more popular than ever. Wireless chargers are the perfect promotional product for those looking for an innovative, tech idea to co-brand with their logo. With multiple brands on the market carrying wireless chargers and charging pads, there’s an option for every price point.

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