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The Early Bird Pre-Books Patagonia

It?s no wonder the idiom the early bird gets the worm” ? first coined in the 17th century ? remains widely known today. It is a good philosophy suggesting that if you get busy at first light or at the earliest opportunity you will find success.

Partnering with ParsonsKellogg to pre-book custom corporate apparel from Patagonia puts that philosophy into action. Pre-booking rewards customers for acting early. And believe us these rewards are way better than a worm!

Unsure of what pre-booking is and how it can benefit your company? Let us explain. Pre-booking allows ParsonsKellogg to secure inventory for retail styles and colors not available in the typical corporate catalog and to guarantee you those items at a great price. Essentially pre-booking puts you ahead of the game and ahead of the competition by exercising your early buying power and reaping the rewards.

For example Patagonia offers a palette of colors and styles in its Spring 2017 retail line that might work beautifully with your brand but are unavailable in its corporate catalog. We saw these exciting styles and colors first-hand when we visited Patagonia?s headquarters in Ventura  Calif. earlier this month. By pre-booking through ParsonsKellogg you gain access to the entire line which means you can place your brand identity on this exciting apparel and make a splash in your industry.

Even with this wide selection and unbeatable prices you are not locked in; your order can be modified at any time. And you need not commit to more apparel than you need. Patagonia allows you to pre-book as little as 10 units per style/color and choose a delivery date between January and June 2017.

Don?t wait to act or the pre-booking benefits will be long gone. Patagonia?s guaranteed inventory deadline is July 1. If you miss that deadline you have until Aug. 1 to enjoy pre-booking benefits but without the absolute inventory guarantee.

Whether you are new to pre-booking or already have enjoyed the benefits rest assured that ParsonsKellogg has the expertise to take you through the experience with ease. We have been a trusted partner of Patagonia for many years and are a steward of its brand in the corporate marketplace. ParsonsKellogg and Patagonia share common values that make doing business together a pleasure for us and our customers.

Don?t miss out on the benefits of pre-booking with Patagonia. Contact ParsonsKellogg today and let a knowledgeable team member walk you through your options.

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