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TaylorMadeWhat other people may find in poetry or art museums I find in the flight of a good drive.” Arnold Palmer

If you agree with Arnie on the aesthetic value of a beautiful drive off the tee then the newly launched TaylorMade M2 Series is for you. These latest additions to the TaylorMade M Family of golf clubs incorporate quality innovation  technology and design to provide golfers with clubs that maximize both distance and forgiveness. And every golfer ? from the muni course to the PGA ? can use that.

ParsonsKellogg has the privilege of offering its clients TaylorMade M2 golf clubs which build on the M1 series to complete the TaylorMade M Family ? golf equipment that is leaps bounds and fairways ahead of the competition.

The TaylorMade M Family of clubs uses multi-material construction embodied by an ultra-thin ultra-light and exceedingly strong carbon composite that gives golfers of all skill levels the ability to reach new distances achieve greater control and enjoy maximum forgiveness in their swings. The driver for example features a generous sweet spot and a dial that allows golfers to adjust loft lie and angle making it possible to fine-tune their swing on every shot. In addition the TaylorMade M2 irons distribute the hosel weight to allow a super-low center of gravity providing greater loft and ball speed.

With the TaylorMade M2 Series PK?s custom golf program for 2016 can offer you the ultimate in prestige branding. Your corporate brand becomes one with every clean shot and smooth swing of a TaylorMade M2 club placing your identity in the lofty heights with one of golf?s greatest names. If you select custom golf clubs from PK we can print your corporate logo on the club grips on head covers or both.

Don?t miss out on a chance to be on the leading edge of golf equipment innovation and custom golf products. Pre-order by Feb. 19 to be sure you and your clients hit the links with custom golf clubs from the TaylorMade M family.

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