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Promotional Accessories from ParsonsKellogg

Summertime and the livin? is easy ?” or so sings the legendary Ella Fitzgerald.

Summertime is upon us and you can kick back and live easy-breezy with a little help from the team at ParsonsKellogg. Just ask our friends at Bacardi the legendary Cuban rum-maker (with the bat on the label) whose spirits have been synonymous with good times since 1862.

Bacardi amps up the fun at any gathering ? poolside backyard beach ? with its offerings of premium rums that anchor a flotilla of imaginative cocktails and fit virtually every taste and every occasion. ParsonsKellogg helps Bacardi bring its brand to the barbecue with custom barware and accessories that place its iconic identity at the center of the action exuding good times and better memories.

At ParsonsKellogg we are experts at creating just the right feel for your promotional accessories and can put high-impact products in your hands and the hands of your customers  colleagues and future clients in every season. Promotional accessories help your company to create memories in the minds of your target audience long after their tans have faded and the golf clubs are replaced by ski poles.

So feel free to go on that well-deserved vacation but don?t let your brand take a summer break. With the right match of promotional products your company can experience a summertime of livin? easy. Click here to learn how.

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