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You might know exactly what you want in promotional products for your company. But do you know who can deliver them with the quality, service and timeliness you require?

Poking around on the Internet can tell you which companies produce what you need, but there is no way to determine if they can provide the services and goods you demand. A better way to proceed is to identify potential vendors and then send each a well-crafted Request for Proposal (RFP).

An RFP is a formal invitation seeking vendor proposals that meet specific business requirements and purchasing criteria. Interested vendors respond with a plan describing their approach to delivering on your requirements, including a detailed project plan and budget and customer references. An RFP can expedite the contracting process and allow you to vet several vendors simultaneously.

To make it easy for you to develop a promotional products RFP, ParsonsKellogg (PK) has created a guide in template form that walks you through the process, including prompts on where and how to include your company?s specific information.

Here are just a few of the important elements included in our RFP tool:

  • How to state your purpose in describing what you need, such as whether the products are for use at a particular event or will be stored for ongoing corporate use.
  • Attractive tables for listing requested promotional items, their description and quantity needed.
  • User-friendly tables for outlining timeline and delivery requirements.
  • A comprehensive section on Scope of Work & Business Requirements” that details potentially critical criteria. You can easily cut out sections you do not need or add other particulars as appropriate.
  • An all-encompassing list of the types of information you want to be sure to gather from vendors. This includes ownership structure contact information ISO certification sales figures disaster recovery plans industry experience customer service capabilities outsourcing information web management capabilities and many other elements you might not have thought to cover.

Gain a competitive edge by putting this easy-to-use and customizable tool to work for you! For the complete guide and to get started today click here!

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