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political campaign buttonsSometimes, it seems like election season never ends. Whether its a local Mayoral race, a State Senate contest, or a Presidential campaign, there’s always someone running for office. And where there are elections, there is SWAG (“stuff we all get”). Branded giveaways are ubiquitous at election parties, fundraisers, and campaign rallies, where they act as promotions for particular candidates, build brand awareness, and get voters talking about them.

The most successful campaigns are equipped with a range of goodies to dish out to voters in different areas. The giveaways should resonate well with the recipients. For instance, if you are targeting an older generation, a traditional giveaway such as a pen, mug, button, or magnet might be more appropriate. For the younger demographic, get creative and think outside of the box. Sometimes, the most unusual or unexpected items have the biggest impact.

Political promotional products should be memorable to remind the electorate who is running and for what position. Below are some good campaign promotional products you can consider using:

Traditional Campaign Materials

There are some traditional promotional products found on almost every campaign trail. These are the tried and true items that are inexpensive, effective, and appeal to the broadest possible audience. They include:

i) T-shirts

Do you ever notice how a campaign rally usually is flooded with people donning T-shirts with the picture of the candidate or the political party logo or colors? When supporters wear the T-shirts, they feel part of a cohesive group. The best thing is that they will be able to take the T-shirts home and every time they wear them, they (and their friends) will be reminded of the candidate.

ii) Buttons, magnets and stickers

Other political promotional products you can give include buttons, magnets and stickers. These are all small, inexpensive and simple ways that supporters can express their loyalty to the candidate.

iii) Pens

Pens are another favorite. Regular use of promotional pens will etch the candidate?s name and face onto the brains of the electorate.

Themed Giveaways

In addition to the more traditional giveaways listed above, you can opt for theme related giveaways. Think of the main theme of the campaign and then look for product giveaways that will resonate well with that theme. The products should seek to emphasize the main cause that your campaign is about. For instance, if the campaign is centered on better education standards, products like branded book-shaped key holders work well. Whenever the voters see the promotional product, they will be reminded of the candidate?s positions or platform.

The best giveaways are those that are useful and memorable, and this list will differ by candidate and audience. To ensure you’re getting the most creative ideas for your political campaign, consult an experienced promotional products expert like the team at parsonsKellogg. We’ll provide you with a set of recommended products and save you the time it would take to research this on your own. We can even hold your inventory and set up a web-based online store for your campaign offices to order from.

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