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Prepare for Office Reopenings with Custom Back-to-Work Kits
Prepare for Office Reopenings with Custom Back-to-Work Kits
Prepare for Office Reopenings with Custom Back-to-Work Kits
Prepare for Office Reopenings with Custom Back-to-Work Kits

Prepare for Office Reopenings with Custom Back-to-Work Kits

The switch to remote work environments has been an adjustment for all, and even more adjustments will be required as individuals begin their return to the office. Help your employees feel comfortable returning to the office and prepare for office reopenings with custom Back-to-Work Kits. Make the transition easier and build customizable kits with the items of your choice for your employees to have a safe office return. Below are some of our suggestions of products to add to your customizable kits. 

Branded Hand Sanitizer

When sharing an office space, it will give your employees peace of mind to have hand sanitizer at their disposal throughout the day. In a time where this product seems scarce at markets, drug stores, and convenience stores, stock up on bulk order hand sanitizer with your custom logo. Help ease the transition by ordering and gifting hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes as part of your Return-to-Work Kits. 

Non-Surgical Masks & Custom Masks

Wearing a mask on work commutes, in the office, or running errands isn’t something we are all used to just yet. As masks are required in many regions, prepare your employees by supplying masks for your office. With the many non-surgical mask options on the market including KN95 masks, 3-Ply masks, and cotton masks, you have options on what will work best for your team. Make the concept of wearing a mask fun by ordering masks in fun colors or customized with your logo!

Branded Lunch Boxes & Insulated Coolers

As your employees resume office life, they might be less likely to use shared office refrigerators, dinnerware, or cutlery. Including custom insulated lunch coolers, cutlery sets, or lunch kits will provide your employees with the items needed to keep kitchen supplies directly in their bag. With a variety of options, add custom kitchen kits as part of your Back-to-Work Kits.

Custom Backpacks & Drawstring Bags

When planning your packaging for your Return-to-Work Kits, make the process more fun by filling a custom backpack or drawstring bag. Consider a premium bag such as the Patagonia Refugio Pack 28L.This custom backpack will allow your employees to carry all their essential items when returning to work. With different compartments to organize, this large backpack is sure to fit any gear needed to commute during any possible new rotating work from home schedules. Breathable mesh is added onto the shoulders and back to ensure comfortability.

Custom YETI Drinkware

Let’s be honest, while necessary, personal protection equipment isn’t the most fun gift to receive. Add an element of fun to your Return-to-Work Kits by adding a premium drinkware product such as a custom YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler or YETI Rambler 26oz Bottle. Add your custom logo or a motivational quote to boost morale around the office and remind your team that we’re in this together. 

As mentioned earlier, these kits are 100% customizable to accommodate your team needs! In addition to the products mentioned above, tissues, thermometers, surface wipes, are other great products to include in your kits. Show your support for your employees during these uncharted times as they slowly return to the office. Prepare for your office reopening and make your employees comfortable with Return-to-Work Kits. For more tips on how to boost employee morale, read our previous blog. Contact us today to start building your kits!
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