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You already know that buying concert tickets or registering for an event ahead of time has its advantages. Better seat selection, cheaper prices, and skipping the line at the door are just some of the benefits of planning and purchasing in advance.

The same is true when you order your custom promotional products ahead of time. In the corporate marketplace, the term for this is pre-booking. Pre-booking means placing an order with a manufacturer several months in advance to ensure that you receive the items, styles, and volumes you need at the time you need them. Most such orders are placed 4 to 8 months in advance of the intended delivery date.

Pre-booking allows ParsonsKellogg to secure inventory for retail styles and colors not available in the typical corporate catalog, earning you a competitive advantage. By booking early, you also enjoy greater buying power at discounted pricing.

To enjoy those benefits, you have to commit to planning your promotional marketing in advance. You need to determine your budget, map out the events and programs for which you want items, select the specific items and amounts, and decide how you want to customize them.

If this sounds daunting, relax.

ParsonsKellogg has ample experience guiding customers through pre-booking programs with some of the top brands in the marketplace, including Patagonia, Adidas and Callaway. In fact, we?ve put together a how-to guide for pre-booking promotional products that walks you through the process and helps you decide if this type of program is right for you. Click here to download this concise but comprehensive tool.

Make your move now, and enjoy an exciting 2017 marketing season.

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