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PowerShot with iPhoneSmartphones and tablets have become indispensable communication tools in our everyday life, with 60% of Americans spending between one and six hours a day viewing content on electronic devices. In our “always on” culture, having a fully charged device is critical to staying connected. Just go to the airport and witness the competition for seats near outlets or charging stations. Attend a conference and watch as attendees race to find seats where they can plug in and charge up.

Access to power is, well, powerful. In the promotional products world, this means that any product that can power a portable electronic device is a great giveaway because it is useful, practical, and used on a regular basis (therefore affording you the opportunity to get your logo, brand or message in front of your audience frequently). There are plenty of charging cords and adapters on the market, and while these items are useful, they are fairly commonplace meaning that your branded charger will have to compete with several others for space in the recipients briefcase, purse, car, or desk drawer.

Our favorite giveaway for power-hungry smartphone and tablet users is a portable powerbank – essentially, an external battery in a sealed case. Powerbanks come with a USB cable that you connect to a power source such as a laptop to charge the powerbank. Some charge instead via flip out blades for plugging into the wall. In either case, you carry the charged up powerbank – and the cable – with you and use it to charge your device when the battery is getting low.

In my opinion, one of the best new powerbank products to hit the ad specialty market is the Powershot. Charge it using any USB port, hang it on your keyring, and charge up your device whenever and wherever you need it. Some of the features and the benefits of the Powershot include:

  • Useful ? One Powershot will give your mobile devices an emergency charge.
  • Convenient ? Charge it by using any USB port found on laptops, PCs, airplanes and new vehicles.
  • Small ? So small it hangs on your keyring.
  • Universal ? Can be charged from any USB port anywhere in the world.
  • Safe ? Controls energy flow to your device, reducing overall energy consumption and risk to your device.

Powershots retail for $29.50, but this won’t be decorated with your company’s logo. Contact our team here at parsonsKellogg to order branded Powershots (or other powerbank devices) and to learn more about reduced prices for large quantity orders.

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