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ParsonsKellogg Makes Strides with Sustainability
ParsonsKellogg Makes Strides with Sustainability
ParsonsKellogg Makes Strides with Sustainability
ParsonsKellogg Makes Strides with Sustainability

ParsonsKellogg Continues to Make Strides with Sustainability

ParsonsKellogg has always been committed to business practices that support sustainable initiatives. From being a member of Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet movement, to implementing solar panels at our corporate headquarters, we continually increase our ongoing efforts for green business practices. Recently we have implemented new procedures that we are excited to share!

EcoEnclose Mailer Bags

Our shipping process has never been more environmentally friendly. Our new partnership with EcoEnclose poly mailer bags now allows us to be sustainable in our fulfillment process. Each mailer bag is waterproof, tear proof, and most importantly made of 100% recycled content. To top it off? Each bag is made in the United States! We hope our customers are even more excited to receive their customized merchandise knowing it’s being delivered in eco-friendly mailer bags. 

Sustainable Screen Printing

Introducing Anatol Volt M, the industry’s only industrial-grade all-electric press! With this press, no water or chemicals are used which also requires no exposure or drying. Each step with this new printer eliminates water and chemical waste. Our printer ensures we can print about 1,200 one color t-shirts an hour, all without causing any harm to the environment!

In 2019, ParsonsKellogg launched The Galilee Project to continue to cultivate an environment of giving with the simple idea to give to those who need help, provide for those who are less fortunate, and be good stewards of our planet.  Originating in 2004 internally by encouraging our employees to pay goodness forward, we expanded this movement to support our charitable outreach including our local partners, community and environmental giving, and events.

1% for the Planet

A global movement we have been a part of for some time, 1% for the Planet allows ParsonsKellogg to give back whenever a purchase is made from our extensive Patagonia line. This movement involves the donation of at least 1% of annual sales to be donated towards different environmental causes that help save land, forests, rivers, and oceans. At ParsonsKellogg, we challenge you to be stewards of the earth and be one percent better!

We take our commitment to the environment seriously. We strive to do our part to ensure the safety of the planet. You can do your part when selecting your promotional products by supporting the eco-friendly brands we offer such as Patagonia. To view our extensive line of Patagonia products visit Corporate Gear. To learn more about eco-friendly promotional products available to co-brand with, view our previous blog.


To learn more about our sustainable initiatives, contact ParsonsKellogg today!

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