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cambridgeshowWe’ve got a great team here at parsonskellogg, and each member of the team has an incredible and unique story. One of those stories is Garrett Duffy. Garrett took his harmonica and vocal talents back to the stage with his band Barefoot Truth reunited this past weekend.

They expected a couple hundred folks to come out for this special reunion, however the event had Garrett and his band playing in front of over 1,000 fans at this two show reunion at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA.

“The response was amazing. It is exciting to see that our fan base is growing despite the fact that we are not currently touring,” says Garrett of the show.

With over 20 million plays on Pandora internet radio, seven original studio albums, and recently reaching #10 on the Itunes rock charts, Barefoot Truth is a symbol of genuine independent music success. Here is a fun sample of their critically acclaimed high-energy live act

If you are interested in learning more about Barefoot Truth, check out or find them on iTunes. Additionally, you can find Garrett’s new solo album called “Drift East” on iTunes as well.

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