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2017 Best Year Yet

It?s that time of year again resolution season! The first week of the new year is a great time to reflect and focus on how to be our best selves in the coming months.

How can you make 2017 your best year yet? It all comes down to planning and execution.

  • Plan ahead to maximize buying power and realize cost savings. Pre-book premium branded promotional products to gain access to retail styles and colors not typically available for corporate branding.
  • Encourage your employees and clients to stick to their personal resolutions. Health-conscious network? Try a Nike Hydration Pack or a Fitbit Charge. Surrounded by travelers? A travel pillow or an brand new Under Armour duffel might inspire a new trip. Trying to get organized? Give the gift of clean with a pocket keyboard cleaner or an electronics organizer.
  • Enjoy time with family and friends. Whether it?s 18 holes, a day at the beach, or even just driving your kids to school, this is one resolution to make count.
  • Keep a journal. Scientific studies have proven that writing down your goals promotes accountability, and that people who journal about their goals accomplish significantly more. These people are also happier, are more mindful, and are better communicators?. All the more reason to outfit your offices with branded journals and writing tools.
  • Build Your Brand with PK. Sign up here to receive monthly updates from our branding experts on great ways to build your brand throughout the year. 


PK is here to help you make the best of the year to come by choosing promotional products that build your brand and providing support throughout the process. Together, we?ll make 2017 one for the books. 

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