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Improve Your Game with These Custom Golf Products
Improve Your Game with These Custom Golf Products
Improve Your Game with These Custom Golf Products
Improve Your Game with These Custom Golf Products

Improve Your Game with These Custom Golf Products

This year we’ve experienced many uncertainties, but one thing that remains certain and constant during this time is that golf season will go on. Dedicated golfers everywhere spent time practicing their swing, even if that meant practicing in their backyard instead of on the green. According to a study done by the National Golf Foundation and it’s 2019 Golf Industry Report, there are over 24 million on-course golfers in the United States, and over 107 million people played, watched or read about golf in the last year. It’s no mystery that golf is a well loved sport with ample opportunity for advertising. We see sports used as an outlet for advertising often with media advertisements, sponsorships, and out of home advertisements at stadiums and games. Another way of maximizing your advertising through sports like golf, is to co-brand with popular athletic brands and products. By creating promotional products such as custom golf bags, custom golf balls, or premium golf apparel with your logo, you can expand your audience and create brand recognition. Choosing corporate gifts or planning event promotions that involve custom golf products are profitable because it promotes your brand each time the end user brings your co-branded products on the green. 

Your Logo + the Best Brands in Golf

Known for having the #1 ball in golf, Titleist offers way more than just that. With quality apparel and golf accessories that are known around the world, this brand has created quite the name in the golf industry. Choose from stand bags, golf hats, cart bags, duffles, and more and add your logo with custom embroidery. You can’t go wrong in choosing custom Titleist products for your corporate golf tournaments or fundraisers.

This brand has grown and transformed throughout the years. Started off originally as a premium apparel brand, Peter Millar has taken over the golfing industry. Now this brand offers apparel and accessories that the professionals wear. Look your best while you’re on the green and don’t forget to add your custom logo to show off your support for your company.

Nike is known all over the world for their presence in the athletic industry. Worn and supported by the best athletes, this brand will be sure to make you perform your best. Choose from custom Nike golf pullovers, custom Nike golf polos, and so much more to up your game and play to the very best of your abilities.

Looking to upgrade your golf apparel? Look no further, FootJoy has anything and everything you need. From custom FootJoy polos, to custom vests, your needs are sure to be met when you co-brand with FootJoy. Their insistence on leading instead of following has taken the golfing industry by storm, and shown that they’re the best in the game.

When looking to maximize your promotions, choose premium lifestyle brands that make a statement. Choose custom golf products for promotional products that make an impact. Add your custom logo to our selection to start co-branding today.

Ready to Improve Your Game with These Custom Golf Products?

Visit Corporate Gear to get started. To learn more about premium brands, read our previous blogs!

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