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As the summer season reaches the August mark, brands begin their planning for fall marketing initiatives. ParsonsKellogg gives you access to the catalogs of premium brands before anyone else?catalogs that feature the latest and greatest styles and colorways. While the fall might be known as a time of last life for the vegetation (at least here in New England), it does not have the same connotation for business. The change in season marks the beginning of new ideas and successes, which open up new opportunities that would not have otherwise been possible.

A recent Harvard study has shown that as the days cool down and lose their summer appeal workers actually become more productive. Surprised? So were we, which is why we encourage you to make the most of the season and capitalize on the zeal of your brand. Channel the fresh energy into the building of your brand and make a change!

Change, though it can be scary for some, paves the way for innovation. If we look back on even the last 20 years, change is extremely prevalent, permeating almost every aspect of our lives. Let?s talk movies. What started as a VHS tape eventually developed into a DVD which transformed into Blu Ray, and now it is possible, even easy, to watch a movie anywhere at anytime with smartphones and tablets.

Our world changes with every second that ticks by, and the well-seasoned brand knows that taking advantage of this fluctuation is imperative to a successful business. Those who ignore the fear behind trying something new taste the fruits of success more frequently than those who choose to stay within the confines of their comfort zone. It?s not just movies and technology that are transforming, our industry is changing too! A lot of companies no longer place as much value on cheaper products; instead, they prefer to go with premium apparel and accessories that their audience actually wear/use. Placing an importance on its functionality allows brands to prevail over the day to day changes, extending the longevity of their success.

So stay up to date on the trends this fall and try something new, whether it be a deviation from a favorite ¼ zip to a polo with a quirky new set of buttons, by adding premium brands to your initiative! Whether you?re interested in lifestyle or supporting goods brands, we have a diverse line-up of brands that will satisfy even the most particular.

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