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Stay on Brand promotional products
Stay on Brand promotional products
Stay on Brand promotional products
Stay on Brand promotional products

How to Stay on Brand with Promotional Products

It’s no secret that promotional products are an impactful part of promoting and developing your brand. According to a recent global study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, the average household in the U.S. owns 30 promotional items and 85% of worldwide consumers remember the advertiser that gave them the products. It’s clear that promotional products leave an impression on consumers, so it’s essential to co-brand with brands and products that speak to voice and values of your own brand. How you represent your brand speaks volumes, so make it count. Start representing yourself with promotional products that tell your story with these helpful tips.  

Make an Impression 

Regardless of your industry and whether promotional products are being selected for the purposes of corporate apparel, in-game giveaways, or corporate gifting programs, there is always one common goal. The most essential part of investing in promotional products is to make an impression that adds value to your brand. So what promotional products make the greatest impression? There is no definitive answer to that question, but research does show that promotional outerwear generates the most impressions with hats, t-shirts, and polos following. Although other categories are also impactful such as drinkware and tech, wearables are consistently shown to be the most impactful promotional items that consumers choose to keep and reuse.

Consider Cost By Impact

Whether you’re an event planner selecting corporate gifts or a marketing executive responsible for a corporate store, one of the most important aspects of promotional planning is the budget. Sometimes it can feel like budget rules all, but it’s essential to consider cost by impact of your product selection. Let’s say you’re planning the gifting program for a corporate golf trip and have been tasked with finding polos for guests with the budget of $25 per person. You are given the opportunity to choose between a $10 generic polo and co-branding with a $20 premium polo. Although the $10 polo can seem like a good idea initially for saving money and being under budget, it is not the choice with the greatest overall value. Choosing the brand that is in demand with current trends and relates to the lifestyle of the consumer will have the greatest impact and value. The more excited your consumers will be by receiving brands they relate to and value, the more likely you will see your co-branded products buzzed about, used, and shared on social media.

Create Parallels With Your Brand 

Your brand is the most important part of this process, and the products you co-brand with are there to enhance your brand. So when choosing promotional products look inward at your brand first. Ask yourself, what is the mission statement of your brand? What is your brand trying to communicate to your own consumers? Do you have any special sponsorships, partnerships, or events that are essential to your brand currently? These are all questions that matter.

Your Brand + Sustainability

Sustainability and activism is more evident in society than ever before. If your company is focusing on commitment to the environment, show that within your promotional products. We suggest if you want to show off your environmental side, choose to promote your brand with one of similar values. It is essential to practice what you preach, so source your promotional items responsibly and co-brand your logo with brands that hold themselves to the same standards. At ParsonsKellogg we understand the importance of this, which is why we suggest pairing with a brand like Patagonia for sustainable premiums, or ensure that off-shored products sourced through us are verified as ethically sourced. 

Your Brand + Resilience 

Is your brand in an industry such as construction, labor, or spirits that speak to rugged work conditions and hard work? There are many industries that speak to the need of having tough apparel and gear in order to get the job done. When planning promotional products and promotional apparel, consumers need to know that these products are built to protect them and last. Why have your employees purchase workwear from retail stores when they could internally purchase them co-branded with your logo. If this sounds like the voice of your brand, consider co-branding with Berne, Carhartt, and YETI.

Your Brand + Performance

Does your brand have a sponsorship with an athlete this year, or an array of golf tournaments lined up this year? Or maybe your brand is sponsoring an athletic event such as a marathon or playoff game. All of these scenarios create a fantastic marketing opportunity in the promotional products world as well. Let’s say your brand is a Massachusetts based company and is one of the sponsors for the Boston Marathon. Choosing promotional adidas apparel and accessories could be a huge opportunity for your brand considering adidas has been the Official Footwear and Apparel Supplier for the Boston Marathon for 32 consecutive years. Although a hypothetical situation, finding the essential information for your own brand as we discussed is step one when choosing which brands to co-brand with.

No matter what type of products you are on the market for, remember to stay in line with your brand while also being impactful. Stay true to your brand mission statement, values, and voice by co-branding with the right promotional products. We know this is a lot to remember, which is why we’re here to remember it for you. At ParsonsKellogg, we pride ourselves at being branding experts and are here to align you with products that are right for you.

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