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bowling tournamentWhether you?re planning a bowling tournament for a team of pro bowlers or simply putting together a team building event for your top employees, working hard to iron out the details of the day will ensure that your marketing team keeps striking!

Here at parsonsKellogg, we’ve worked with a number of clients to plan bowling tournaments and have learned alot along the way.

Here are some of our tips:

  • Start by identifying the purpose of your bowling tournament: If your company is sponsoring an event for charity, you?ll want to make sure that most of the money spent on this event is allocated to the main cause. When planning and purchasing goods, don?t skimp on quality but make sure you?re getting competitive prices.
  • Set a provisional date and time for the tournament: Keep an eye on the calendar for common social conflicts. If this is an office event, you?ll want to allow employees ample time to change and travel to the event.
  • Determine if uniforms or branded apparel are needed: This is where we can help. At parsonsKellogg we offer a full range of customizable, high quality sporting gear. Our partnerships with trusted brands like Nike, Adidas, Polo etc. make us a good choice to help get your guests looking spiffy in their bowling attire or to ensure that your tournament accessories reinforce your brand and message. Choose from funky retro to low-key custom bowling shirt styles with options to add on logos and team names. Quick attire tips include: 1) From experience, we?d recommend cotton and polyester blended shirts to keep bowlers comfy and allow for full arm range; 2) If you want to customize shoes as well, remember that bowling shoes need to respectively allow for sliding and braking (relative to the dominant hand of the player).
  • Venue scout a few different alleys to select the one most fitting for the size of your bowling tournament: The number of available lanes will dictate the type of sub games that can be played ? these may include forty-frame, match play, association format or no-tap games. Opting for a combination of these games at your event will ensure wider interest from bowlers. 
  • Finalize catering arrangements: Some venues are pretty strict about outside catering and prefer to cater in-house or work with preferred suppliers, so be sure to make a mention of your plans.

Once the venue, date and catering details are finalizes, you?ll want to send out an invite or open online registration for the bowling tournament. Be firm with your registration (and payment, if applicable) deadline to avoid chaos closer to the day of the event. Remember that the invite/registration form should also contain details on the competitive level of the tournament (amateur, pro, etc.), as well as whether it will be a handicap or non-handicap event.

After your invitations have been sent and you have an idea of numbers, go ahead and purchase décor and other supplies needed for the tournament. There are plenty of branding opportunities when it comes to bowling equipment and prizes. Remember that increased visibility makes for a happy sponsor!

Some great bowling tournament giveaways include:

  • Bags ? bowling bags that usually hold the ball, and rosin bags that ensure dry hands for bowlers.
  • Towels ? these are the special bowling towels that are used on balls to keep them oil and dirt free.
  • Prizes ? pin or ball shaped trophies can be given to winners, as well as plenty of branded entry gifts like paper weights, bowling stress balls, etc.

Finally, on the event day ensure that you have enough hands on board to allow for smooth check-ins and directions to bowling lanes; bowlers should know exactly where to go on arrival. Good luck!

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