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custom embroidery

Perhaps we should be talking about another perfect game” in baseball but perfection comes in many forms. And though Matt Cains performance for the San Francisco Giants is the second such accomplishment at only 67 games into this season we thought we’d write on something we believe we do best. Of course we tip our hats to anyone who can be part of baseball history.

So go to any private club these days and you are sure to see a baseball cap for sale with a custom logo across the brow. Each year the local beach club has a few new colors to offer the members and they are soon to be collector items (or perhaps that is “collected items”) in the hall closet. However if you have been down this path before you are sure to buy the current configuration for the season. After all last year’s model is clearly going to be well worn by now and the newer ones just look better.

But custom embroidery is used for more than just caps these days. The machinery can handle most materials and a logo bug on the sleeve or on a canvas tote bag is as common as that emblem on the cap.

The key to getting the right product though is not as easy as one might think. Your brand has been honed with a certain look color and sophistication. All embroidery is not created equal. At parsonsKellogg we are well aware of the need for testing and sampling the finished product. Take for instance colors. A slight mistake on a thread color can turn your vibrant green logo into a pastel facsimile that bears no resemblance to the desired product. That can make brand managers crazy.

Our product sampling and quality control on the process insure that you are getting the desired look and feel. We have the thread colors or can get them the right stitch pattern for a quality look and adherence to the proportion standards in your branding. With the capacity to churn out product and good quality control you will be satisfied with the interaction with you branding standards. It’s our guarantee.

So whether you are looking for that canvas tote polo shirts fleeces or the plain old baseball cap we have the capability to match your requirements and produce superior branded products. After all it is your name that goes on each item and since we wouldn’t feel comfortable with inferior product with our logo on it we won’t let it go to your employees or clients with a substandard look either. That is why we invested in the machinery to make the best in the industry.

Whether you use us or if you have another favorite vendor here are the steps you need to take to get something that will make you proud of the items:

  1. Supply good quality artwork or have it reproduced by the vendor
  2. Give your brand standards to the vendor to match colors fonts size etc.
  3. Get a sample ? some are free but even if not it is worth the assurance of knowing what the end product will look like.
  4. Trust the professionals when they say it is not going to work with a certain background. They have been there before and are trying to give you a good result.
  5. Work with your vendor to fine tune the end product. Even the best might be off on certain items but they will work to make it right for you.
  6. Don’t settle for inferior product. Your brand is at stake.

That’s the way to ensure perfection.

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