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boost morale during work from home environments
boost morale during work from home environments
boost morale during work from home environments
boost morale during work from home environments

How to Boost Morale During Remote Work Environments

The corporate workplace currently looks different across the globe. Most of society is currently working remote, events are being postponed or cancelled, and meetings are taking place virtually. As the corporate world adjusts to a new normal for the time being, there are many ways to keep employee morale at your company strong. It is essential to keep your team united, motivated, and positive during this time and here are a few ways on how to do so.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is an essential part of work culture at all times. Whether that be during annual performance reviews or when providing regular feedback, it is essential for your employees to know how they are performing and progressing. During this time, employee recognition is important more than ever. Many individuals are navigating new processes, and it is comforting to know hard work is being recognized during a time of uncertainty. However your company is virtually communicating, whether that be through Skype chats, video conferencing, or phone calls, keep the positivity rolling by discussing team performance and accomplishments. In addition to verbal recognition, setting up incentive programs during this time is a great way to boost morale and create positive goals. Creating an effective tiered incentive program is both motivating and rewarding, and allows your company to select brands and products that align with your mission.

Work From Home Kits

As many employees take on remote work, ensuring your employees have the supplies they need during this time shows your continued support. There are many different ways to get creative with work from home kits, but some of our suggestions include featuring tech items, stationary, personal care, and one or more premium products. An example of a supportive work from home kit could include hand sanitizers or wipes, Moleskine notebooks, wireless charging pads, and headphones or wireless earbuds, all of course branded with your company logo. A premium to include in a work from home kit could be a branded YETI Rambler tumbler. A custom YETI tumbler is the perfect product to keep your team top of mind while your employees enjoy their morning coffee from their homes.

 Corporate Gifts During Event Cancellations

Trade shows, corporate events, incentive trips, and more are being postponed and cancelled internationally during this time. Consider sending your employees, clients, executives, or guests a branded corporate gift to spread positivity. Sending a personal, premium gift is a great morale booster and alternative when an event such as an earned incentive trip has been cancelled, and still keeps your brand top of mind. A premium backpack such as one from Patagonia will have those receiving the bags looking forward to the time when they will be back in the office. A custom Patagonia product also supports an active lifestyle for times to come.

Gifting Microsites 

As more individuals work from their couch, creating a microsite that individuals can select a personal gift from provides a virtual experience. Along with providing a virtual experience, being able to select a gift from various options also feels more personalized by style and size. Explore gifting apparel styles your employees will wear right now such as premium athleisure, loungewear, and outerwear as the need for professional attire is not in demand right now. By creating a microsite that includes the choice of Nike performance apparel, Patagonia rain jackets, or Southern Tide pullovers, you are providing those missing an event something to excite them. This type of experience also provides the opportunity for choice, and allows their gift to be shipped directly to their home.

Regardless of the method, it is essential to keep employee morale strong during these times. Remind employees to stay active and healthy, stay in touch with co-workers and friends virtually, and speak up when help is needed. Remember to check in with your employees regularly, and work together to keep your teams feeling good and motivated. 

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