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powersoundPortable speakers are one of the hottest categories of tech giveaways in the promotional products world. With so many people listening to music through their smartphones and tablets, having an easy way to amplify the sound is key. The products available in this category really run the gamut – from incredibly cheap (and cheaply made) mini speakers that produce poor sound quality to high end (and more expensive) devices – such as the Jawbone Jambox – that produce beautiful sound.One of our favorite portable speakers to hit the market is the PowerSound II. It has a sleek design, is extremely lightweight and offers great sound quality at a decent price point. All this is great, but what really sets the PowerSound II apart from competitors is its versatility:

  • You can connect your phone to the PowerSound II either through bluetooth or with “near field technology” (which just means you set your phone down on top of it and it amplifies the sound coming out of the phone)
  • It’s lithium polymer battery has a longer life than most portable speakers
  • It has a USB connection that will let you charge your phone or tablet while you listen to music
  • There’s a built in battery meter so you can see how much of a charge the device has left 

These features, plus the PowerSound’s price tag (at less than $100, it is considerably less expensive than higher end options like the Jambox), make this a great giveaway for special events or a memorable corporate gift.

The PowerSound II is made by PowerStick, a Canadian manufacturer of cutting edge portable charging solutions. Retail pricing starts at $99, but if you’re interested in customizing the PowerSound, you should work through a licensed promotional products distributor like parsonsKellogg to get discounted corporate pricing that includes customization with your logo or message.

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