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Harness the Power of Super Brands

Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound? Are you faster than a speeding bullet? No?

Neither are we, but that?s OK. We don?t need to be superheroes when we can harness the power of super brands. Think Nike, Patagonia and Helly Hansen.

By matching your corporate identity with the right premium brand, there is no limit to how far your company can go ? whether you want to purchase Patagonia corporate apparel for employees and clients or seek to match corporate event ideas with promotional products. Heck, even kryptonite can?t stop you.

If you are wondering how to start, you have come to the right place. ParsonsKellogg has the expertise to create a powerful co-branding experience for you and to keep it dynamic and fresh as your company?s needs and the marketplace evolve.

If you are unsure how to begin, now is the time to take the first step. Even Superman started with just a single comic book in the 1930s. Within a decade he had a radio show and starred in film shorts. Then several TV series and feature films followed. Over the course of 80-plus years, Superman has joined up with other superheroes, battled crafty villains, crossed time-warping dimensions, changed his costume countless times, been brought to life by generations of Hollywood?s leading men and, earlier this year, engaged in a big-screen battle with Batman.

Great Caesar?s ghost! That?s some brand staying power.

And that is what you will achieve when you partner with ParsonsKellogg, where we have exclusive access to premium brands ? including popular retail styles ? that our competitors just can?t deliver. For example, we can pre-book retail styles and colors from Patagonia, giving you the best selection at the best prices for your premier corporate events.

Remember, even the super brands of today started by dipping one toe in the corporate marketplace: A runner and a coach launched Nike with a single shoe style; a teenage climber making equipment in his parents? garage founded Patagonia; and a 19 th -century sea captain named Helly Hansen and his wife first created weather-proof clothing for their own use.

Channel your inner superhero. Contact ParsonsKellogg today to get ideas for your next corporate event or to pre-book retail styles from our top brands.

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