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US Open

When parsonsKellogg started, we were very focused on professional golf related items and how they could be used in promotional ways. That is still true today even as we progress into our eleventh year in business and have expanded into other areas. Looking out to the upcoming summer, it seems fitting to look at the beginning of the golf season and reflect on what we have seen over the past months and what we look forward to seeing in the near future.

One of the biggest majors is the Masters Tournament, where Bubba Watson came back to win the green jacket in a playoff win. No one was expecting that to happen, perhaps not even Bubba himself. He did it his way, playing . . . Bubba golf. I just play the game that I love. . . . I attack. I want to hit the incredible shot. Who doesn?t?” Earlier in the day his playing partner for the day and opponent in the sudden death playoff Louis Oosthuizen holed an “albatross” on the second at the famed Augusta National course. It was clearly an amazing shot to watch as the ball rolled in coming off the face of a four iron from 253 yards up the fairway. The shot was only the fourth “three under par” in Masters history. However the more important shot was the hooked second wedge shot that Watson made from 155 yards off the pine straw in the trees to the right of the 10th fairway and through a gap in the pines. Two putts later Watson was the winner.

But a win in a major is only as good as the next one coming. That’s what is happening on Father’s Day of this year. The US Open is being contested at the Olympic Club course in San Francisco. The week starts on the 11th and the final round is scheduled for that Sunday the 17th. Every golf dad in the country will be watching the outcome of this tournament to see who is destined to come out on top. Can Bubba repeat his feat at the Masters now that he and his wife are the proud parents of a new child? Will one of the legends of the game work off the cobwebs and press to take the trophy? That’s what makes golf such an interesting sport to follow. On any given day with the right conditions and the grove that comes with a swing and the eye to read the green anyone of the members of the professional tour can make the grade for that particular week.

But to the average follower of the game the dad who will tune in on that Sunday afternoon perhaps after a round of 18 in the morning it is the magic that makes the game special to those viewers. It is exciting and we are excited to do our part in the promotion of the items which the Pros use. We’ll be watching.

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