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Your brand is your identity, the public face of your company. Its value in conveying your mission and objectives to clients, colleagues, vendors and potential clients is priceless.

Imagine if you could easily and effectively multiply the power of your brand while gaining a prestigious affiliation and reaching untapped audiences. Smart co-branding can do just that by extending your brand through affiliation with a recognized and trusted entity. Co-branding is a partnership between two (or more) brands of goods, services or individuals. Think Dell and Intel, or perhaps most famously, Michael Jordan and Nike. Nike?s strategic co-branding sponsorships have helped make it one of the top brands in the world.

And such partnerships can create wide recognition for companies with far smaller footprints than a Nike or a Dell. However, choosing the appropriate partner requires careful appraisal of your company?s needs, target demographics and branding goals as well as the complementary attributes of the co-brand. When done expertly, co-branding can boost sales, add value and enhance competitiveness.

ParsonsKellogg (PK) successfully executes co-branding across diverse clients, products and industries. We are adept at finding brands that line up with a client?s marketing and branding objectives and enhance their competitive position says Bryan McWilliams, Director of Business Development for PK.

PK knows the ins and outs of co-branding, such as the importance of how to position your identity. For example, to maximize added value, you might place your logo on the side or back of a Nike cap while featuring the swoosh” on the front. The reason: Wearers are more likely to regularly don a Nike cap that also features your brand rather than a cap with your company logo front and center.

Ultimately co-branding is about forging a partnership that strengthens both brands; just ask PK client Amanda Dumont of Quicken Loans. “Quicken Loans always looks to align with brands that have a similar culture and values. We found a partner that shared our commitment to creativity and innovation in Nike she says of the promotional partnership forged at PK.

PK can make co-branding work for you. To learn more, contact Bryan McWilliams.

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