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Creative design can make the conventional unconventional and add fun to everyday products. We?ve rounded up five of the most creative bottle opener designs, perfect for the back yard, the back nine, and everything in between.


Bark4Beer Dog Collar Bottle Opener

Finally ? a bottle opener that comes when you call. Bark4Beer created this dog collar with a retractable bottle opener to solidify dog?s role as man?s best friend. Now if only your dog could fetch?


iPhone Case Bottle Opener

Opening a beer? There?s an app for that! Well, not quite. This iPhone case by Headcase integrates a stainless steel bottle opener into the back of a protective, moisture-proof case. Genius!


House Key Bottle Opener

Okay, so keychain bottle openers are a dime a dozen ? but they?re often too heavy or bulky. This crafty YouTuber demonstrates how to turn your house key into a handy, inconspicuous bottle opener.


Luchador Bottle Opener

Let this guy wrestle the bottle cap off for you. Based on the comical (and slightly terrifying) costumes of Mexican wrestlers, the Luchador bottle opener comes in three different lock hold positions.


Nike Tech Essentials Web Golf Belt

When you?re out on the course, Nike?s got you covered. The Nike Tech Essentials Web Golf Belt comes in a wide range of colors and has a bottle opener on the back of the buckle for both style and function.

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