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. . .Take me out to the old ball game.”

That’s how the last line of that famous tune goes. Today April Twentieth we will be transported back 100 years to the days when Fenway Park opened its doors for the first time. The Boston Americans nicknamed the Red Sox will be playing the New York Americans which they called the “Highlanders” at that time. In today’s parlance it’s a Sox ? Yankees series.

Five days after the Titanic hit an iceberg off Newfoundland and sank; Fenway Park held its first baseball game. Today’s game marks the hundredth anniversary of that date. Red Sox faithful will be out in numbers even though the Sox are off to a poor start for the season. But this is Red Sox ? Yankee baseball and you will get the feel you are in a post-season game. The only thing is ? you might feel it is post season in 1912. The uniforms will be replicas of the old school variety the ones worn back then when the Red Sox beat the Highlanders 7-6 in eleven innings after waiting through a college exhibition and a couple of rained out games to inaugurate this venerable ball field. But the old wooden stands are certainly gone forever and the seating on the Green Monster was nowhere to be found in those days let alone the Green Monster.

There will be lots of presentations and memories since the team has invited all of its former players back to the stadium for some pre-game festivities; and if all goes right a 37 000+ strong toast will be held to the old ballpark before the first pitch. According to Gary Bell of the 1967 Pennant winning team who lost a seven game World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals “It’s nice that they remember us. A lot of clubs don’t remember their guys that played years ago so it’s pleasant to have that experience. … New England was on fire that year man. … Every day was a new hero.” Though the Red Sox are not one of our many MLB team customers it is events like these with custom promotional items that remind us as to how important a part we play in these types of commemorations. (Call us a little envious for not being part of it.) However it is just this type of promotion that brings enjoyment and excitement to an early season game. There are plenty of opportunities like this one around for which parsonsKellogg can help you plan out an engaging and meaningful tribute.

However when the clock strikes 3:05 pm it’s back to the present and watching the 4-8 Red Sox taking on the 6-6 Yankees. The current names will be swinging the bats and throwing the pitches. It should be a great game regardless. They are always a rare opportunity but this special “Fentenial” celebration puts an exclamation point on it.

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