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You might never pull off a Corkscrew or nail a McTwist, but that doesn?t mean you don?t get a thrill watching snowboarders defy gravity on the half pipe at the Winter Olympics. You can appreciate the nerve, athleticism and sheer beauty of a snowboarder in flight against a stunning landscape. Snowboarding is cool, and snowboards themselves are hip pieces of art that let you strut your stuff and express your individuality.

That is what makes custom snowboards an exciting and fresh promotional product that you can offer to reward hard-working employees, to appreciate loyal clients, to add buzz to a charity raffle or to establish your branded product as the sought-after corporate contest prize.

ParsonsKellogg, purveyor of premium promotional products, harnesses the imaginative brainpower of its creative team coupled with the market expertise of its product managers, drive of its sales force and unbeatable competitive pricing to bring truly custom snowboards to its clients. As promotional products, these high-quality boards ? manufactured in the USA of wood, steel, resin rubber and plastic ? offer sleek, gleaming designs that stand up to the rigors of the sport while bringing your brand identity to a wider audience in a standout way.

When it arrives, each new custom snowboard generates excitement among the staff at ParsonsKellogg, and a board created to your specifications will do the same for your workplace, customers and affiliates.

Custom snowboards from ParsonsKellogg are ideal gifts, regardless of the person?s familiarity with snowboarding. Each snowboard?s distinctive eye-catching artwork will draw attention to your products in a showroom, will add arresting individuality to your executive suites and will otherwise get people talking about your brand.

Snowboarding, invented 50 years ago by a Michigan engineer as a toy for his daughters, has grown from its modest beginnings to gain worldwide popularity and legitimacy, becoming an Olympic sport in 1988. As snowboarding glides toward the half century mark, get on board and order your custom winter snowboards from ParsonsKellogg today. Your unique snowboard design will provide clients, employees, vendors and the public with an unforgettable expression of your brand identity.

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