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Employee Appreciation Day
Employee Appreciation Day
Employee Appreciation Day
Employee Appreciation Day

Motivate & Appreciate | Employee Appreciation Day

Employees play an important role in a company dynamic. On March 6th, Employee Appreciation Day, you have the opportunity to show appreciation for the employees and executives who do so much for your company. A popular question asked is how? Here at ParsonsKellogg, we offer a variety of premium, customizable, products and corporate gifts to help show your employees just how much you value them.

In Demand Brands

At ParsonsKellogg, we provide a wide premium brand selection that includes iconic lifestyle brands such as Nike, Patagonia, Southern Tide, YETI, and more. Our variety allows our clients to choose the products that best align with their brand whether that be for promotional items, corporate gifts, or giveaways at corporate events and gift experiences. Here’s a closer look at some of our brands that will generate buzz around your brand.


What better way to tell your employees you appreciate them than with corporate gifts of custom YETI products? YETI offers a variety of different drinkware options in various sizes and styles. YETI products can be taken to any destination which allows you to maximize your brand exposure. Your employees can choose from multiple high quality products including tumblers, wine tumblers, mugs, stackable options, and much more. These popular products are durable and sure to last. You can add your logo, name personalization, or initials to YETI products with our on-site laser engraving decoration. View our previous blog to learn more about YETI.


From totes, lunch bags, backpacks, and more, STATE Bags offers a number of different high quality bags that make the perfect gift for anyone. Make the bag unique by customizing it with your embellished logo. Go the extra mile and give your employees the opportunity to choose their own style with a gift experience selection rather than choosing one universal bag. 

Southern Tide

This brand offers an array of energetic and upbeat clothing products. Customize different apparel and accessories with your company logo or choose to keep your corporate gifts blank. Each article of clothing comes in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for gifting a large group of people with all different styles and taste.

Ready to Plan Your Employee Appreciation Gifts?

Contact us today to order your corporate gifts to motivate and appreciate your employees. To browse some of our featured brands, visit Custom Gear.

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