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Ella Vickers Sailcloth BagThe snow is (finally) gone, the weather is (finally) warming up, and summer is (finally) right around the corner. Are we the only ones who felt like this winter was loonnnggggg?!

With summer on our minds, we’ve started thinking about giveaways for warm weather events. You know – company picnics, corporate retreats, team building exercises, etc. Here in Rhode Island, warm weather means sailing, and some of our favorite sailing-inspired items are these great sailcloth bags from Ella Vickers. Since the company started in 1988, they’ve converted over 10,000 gently used sails into over 100,000 bags and other high quality items – with everything made in the USA!

Although these bags were originally inspired by the designer’s time crewing on boats, they are not just for sailing and actually make great giveaways:

  • They’re perfect items to stock in a yacht club store
  • Gift them to your employees at the summer picnic
  • Include them in a gift bag for your top salespeople as you send them on an incentive trip
  • Use them for skipper gifts at a regatta
  • Stock them with a branded beach towel and water bottle for a great summer-themed giveaway to clients or prospects

These are just a few of the ways we’ve seen Ella Vickers bags used. What’s great is that they can be given away as-is for a very retail look and feel, or you can put your logo on a patch that we adhere to the bag. The company also offers a full range of completely custom-designed products for clients that want to create something that is one-of-a-kind.

There are plenty of options to choose from in the Ella Vickers line, from small zipped pouches (that make great cosmetic cases or dop kits!) to duffel bags that can double as luggage. Prices range from $40 to over $200, so there are items to fit almost any budget!

If you are interested incorporating Ella Vickers products into your next promotion, give us a call. With the high quality of the Ella Vickers product and our in-house decorating capabilities, we can create something unique and eye catching to help promote your brand!

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