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2014 will be the year of wearable technology, and when it comes to being on the cutting edge of health and fitness promotions, this is the product market to watch out for. While the first few smart and wearable devices focused on the wrist, today the amount and flexibility of modern gadgets is astounding. With the New Year here, lots of people are thinking about getting fit, making health and fitness giveaways a great fit for your next corporate gathering.

Why Health and Fitness?

FitBitHealth and fitness gadgets are the biggest market for wearable tech devices today. These products are popular for both personal use by the individual and in professional and organized sports. Consider the recent release of smart socks by Sensoria Fitness that are programmed to alert the user when their running form needs improvement, or when they have remained too sedentary. Other popular wearable technology within the health and fitness sector are smart devices, such as the Fit Bit and Jawbone Up, that help the user determine how well they are completing their fitness goals. These fun but useful devices make great products for health and fitness promotions.

Branding Wearable Technology

Wearable technology devices can be seamlessly decorated with your company branding. Working with an experienced promotional products distributor like parsonsKellogg ensures that the best decorating strategies are utilized to make your wearable products look great, remain safe and fully operable, and are competitively priced. When it comes to decorating your health and fitness promotional products, consider the following decorating techniques:

  • Digital Printing. Digital printing technology allows images to be directly printed onto garments. This process adds durability and a softer touch to garments and is the ideal option when high quality, full color, and/or photographic reproductions are desired.
  • Debossing. This is used when an impression of a company brand is left on the product’s surface. This decorating technique is ideally used with leather, paper, and vinyl.
  • Transfers. Transfer materials are used to tranfer a print onto a garment and ideal for smaller production runs that require multi color designs.
  • Laser Engraving. When it comes to wearable technology, laser engraving may be the best choice. This decorating technique leaves a clean, polished look by delicately etching a company’s brand into a product’s surface. Laser engraving is a great decorating technique for wearable technology devices that have metallic surfaces.

At parsonsKellogg, we are excited to work with cutting edge technology and techniques to bring excitement to your brand and help deliver your message to clients and associates with unique and custom-designed health and fitness promotional products. As a premium and quality design service, we help our clients to wade through the clutter of open market solutions in order to discover the best promotional products and decorating techniques for their needs.

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