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Corporate Holiday Gifts
Corporate Holiday Gifts
Corporate Holiday Gifts
Corporate Holiday Gifts

Corporate Holiday Gift Guide | Tech

Nothing is quite as magical as the sound of Christmas music playing by an open fire…that is of course, except for Christmas music playing out of a state of the art Bose sound system. For your corporate holiday gifts this season, gift your executives, employees, and clients custom trending tech products. No matter what your corporate holiday gift budget may be, there is a quality tech product for every price point that will represent your brand in style and generate excitement.

For a Sleigh Size Budget

Bose Smart Sunglasses

Bose sunglasses bring fashion to function. Bose sunglasses are Bluetooth enabled, include an integrated microphone, have UVA/UVB protection, and come in multiple styles. These stylish shades produce smooth sound while also providing privacy at a volume and audio placement for your ears only.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

If you’re looking for a corporate holiday gift that is innovative, trending, and in demand, look no further. AirPods bring hands-free listening to a new level. These wireless headphones make multitasking a breeze. Watch your corporate holiday gifts come to life when your comes to work using AirPods to take professional calls and listen to music throughout the work day.

For a Budget that Fits Under the Tree

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers

Crisp and clear are just two words that describe the sound that comes from Bose SoundLink Speakers. These speakers are lightweight, and the perfect size to be taken anywhere. The SoundLink Speakers are waterproof so you can even bring them with you to any pool and beach days. By selecting Bose SoundLink Speakers as your corporate holiday gifts, you are gifting a premium product at a great price point.

Vale Wifi Speaker with Amazon Alexa

The next time you walk into a room you’ll most likely find an Alexa enabled bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth Speakers are more popular than ever with features like the Amazon Alexa Voice Service. The Vale Speaker is both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker, and is also Alexa integrated. This speaker has up to 5 hours of play time and includes a USB Charging Cable.

For a Stocking Stuffer Budget 

Jill Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Powerbank

At a lower price point, the Jill Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Powerbank is  a quality speaker that also has the wireless capability to charge your phone. The Jill is packed with a 4000 mAh battery that can keep your audio playing for over 10 hours at max volume while also featuring a silicone pad that is a wireless charging power bank. If you’re looking for an innovative product with a lower budget, this speaker combines multiple trends in the technology category.


Quake Wireless Charging Pad

The Quake Wireless Charging Pad is the perfect corporate holiday gift at a lower price point or as a stocking stuffer, gifting add-on, or part of a gift set. The Quake Wireless charging pad is a light, wireless charging pad that supports wireless charging at up to 1A for devices. 

ParsonsKellogg can pair your logo with the hottest names in the technology industry such as Bose, Apple, Amazon, and more.

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