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Wedding CollageWe would like to congratulate one of parsonsKellogg?s favorite sons, McLean Shanley on tying the knot this past weekend in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!Just days before the wedding, we invited McLean to a bowling tournament and threw him a wedding shower. It was a night full of competition and fun, bringing the entire pk family together to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Then it was off to Pennsylvania, where we laughed, we cried and we over indulged. McLean and Liz danced the night away under the starry sky. Thank you to both families. These are two wonderful people, and we are so glad they found each other.

On a side note, our boy is coming home! Liz and McLean are moving back to the Ocean State and both of them will begin working out of Providence. Welcome back!

Here?s to McLean and Liz and their Walk of Life” together!

PK Wedding Photo

McLean Bowling

In the past year we have also gained a new member of the pk team and who would have known he would be the one that was going to win pk?s bowling night? Meet Nelson Theodore Ray the youngest member of the pk team. He is an up and coming 1 year old prodigy who is entering the bowling world by storm. Don?t be fooled by those golden locks and rosy cheeks. This 30 inch tall powerhouse should not be underestimated. Keep him on your radar because we are sure he has big things coming in his future!


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