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Custom Apparel and Accessories
Custom Apparel and Accessories
Custom Apparel and Accessories
Custom Apparel and Accessories

Celebrate National Embroidery Month With Custom Apparel & Accessories

When a person thinks of February, the first thing that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day, but it’s also the month of embroidery. Embroidery is a precise, long-lasting, quality decoration method that has been used throughout history. This decoration method can even be traced back to the times of the ancient Egypt and Greece. Although an old technique, embroidery is created much differently by the precise needlework of machines. To learn the ins and outs of the embroidery process at PK, we have created a quick guide below to be of assistance for any custom embroidery orders. Celebrate the National Month of Embroidery by ordering your custom embroidered apparel and accessories with your logo today!

How It’s Made

The embroidery process involves needle and thread being used to embellish products with your logo. Showcase your logo with quality embroidery decoration on your favorite brands. This past year, ParsonsKellogg has expanded to over 50,000 square ft which has allowed for in-house decoration including 66 heads of embroidery. Our in-house embroidery capabilities ensure quality and allows us to offer competitive pricing.

Stitch Count

Embroidery is typically priced on a cost per thousand stitch basis. Our experienced embroiderers estimate the stitch count in order to provide customers with the best pricing for the particular logo or design that they wish to have embroidered. By knowing your embroidery stitch count, this enables you to more accurately estimate the cost of a job and also compare prices from multiple vendors before ordering.

Color & Design

When creating your first order for custom products involving embroidery, there are many options you can explore for thread color and logo placement. The PK team is here to help guide you in the direction that will best represent your brand.

PMS Thread Matching is a method that matches the custom embroidery thread as close as possible to the PMS colors of your custom logo. This method will make your logo stand out in the colors unique to your brand.

Tone on tone embroidery pairs different tones of the product to the custom embroidery thread color being used for the logo. This logo is more subtle but will represent your brand in style.

Color on color custom embroidery matches the thread color to the color of the shirt. Think a white shirt with white thread for an understated look.

Color Coordinate refers to using thread colors that coordinate with the color of the shirt, but may not be company-specific or the match the color of the shirt.


The size and location of custom embroidery is dependent on the product. 

For custom embroidered shirts, a standard logo is 2-3 inches in size. Our standard logo locations for custom shirts include chest, sleeve, back yoke, as well as other locations dependent on the product. For custom embroidered hats, a standard logo is about 3 inches in size. Standard logo location  includes head front, side, or back. Decoration sizing and placement for custom bags and backpacks is dependent on the product but are usually front pocket or ball pocket for golf bags. 

We hope this information will help you when ordering your custom apparel and accessories.


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