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Build Your Brand: Promotional Products & Brand Integrity

Your brand identity, AKA your reputation, is arguably the most important element of your business today. From the quality of every sale down to the colors of your logo, every tiny element of every choice you make brings your brand to life and contributes to its identity. Your brand is not a logo ? it?s streamlined communications and an uncompromising attitude toward your values. Your brand is what people say about you when you?re not in the room.”

Your brand is also your first impression; it?s what a person would think the first time they saw your logo or your name. Where did they see it? How? Were you a handout pen at an expo booth or a polo on the golf course? Whatever and whoever you are you want to be sure that each interaction with your brand contributes to its integrity.

What is Brand Integrity?
Your brand clarifies who you are and what you do ? and brand integrity keeps that consistent. Are you hot pink and in every teen girl?s pocket or are you navy blue no-nonsense in a suit and tie? Once defined integrity is the preservation of these values keeping them at the center of everything you do.

Why? Integrity is the bedrock of success. With clear boundaries your message is simple. You never question yourselves and no one questions you. In turn this reliability transforms into trust and forges a natural connection between you and the clients that share your values. Take Patagonia. They?re committed to using their business to “implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” This boundary makes it easy to say no to certain business decisions like choosing inefficient power sources for their HQ. Their business has cornerstones. Compromising those values losing integrity would ultimately cause the brand lose value.

Brand Integrity and Promotional Products
It?s not easy to manage a branded products program in a world where The Next Best Thing can change any minute. PK is here to guide you through the process choosing premium products that are consistent with your message. In creating a promotional products mix you must consider:

The Products Themselves:
Choosing the right promotional products goes a long way when it comes to putting your brand?s best foot forward. Products must match in quality industry and strategy to your brand while considering your audience. The newest Taylormade golf club might work for a financial institution where a Carhartt coverall may appeal more to a craft brewery. When it comes to co-branding with Super Brands PK provides exclusive access to premium brands in both corporate and retail styles that our competitors can’t deliver.

Your Core Values:
You?ve taken the time to define your values ? why compromise them? Including your logo on a promotional item is a great opportunity for recognition but placement color and decoration method could muddy up your message. PK will work within your guidelines to match colors and design mockups on promotional products that best communicate your brand.


Jeff Bezos Product ChoicesPromotional Delivery:
Even the finest promotional products can miss without the proper delivery. A Callaway golf bag makes a great client gift but a poor tradeshow giveaway. A Nike backpack is perfect for your sales team but falls short for the C-suite. With 15 years experience in the business PK knows how to appeal to your audience through employee gift programs custom web stores and corporate giving by putting custom-logoed premium brands in the right hands.

Done right branded products can bring positive attention to your business while preserving your brand’s message. Premium branded apparel and gear show your clients and employees you value quality ? and give you the opportunity to share your brand in a different way. To make a strong impact and enhance your brand with a promotional products campaign let PK help you build your brand in 2017.

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