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stylus penWhile iPads and other types of tablets are fantastic products that have revolutionized the way we work (and play!), they aren’t always user friendlyl when it commes to quickly jotting down a note, marking up a document, or drawing something (think virtual whiteboard). Swiping, scrolling, and tapping get you only so far before you need a tool that can mimic the effects of a pen, pencil or magic marker. The stylus, a pen-like gadget with origins rooting as far back as the late ?50s, is a great way to solve this problem.

The technology that stylus pens are based on has evolved quite a bit since they were first created, and most of what you’ll find on the market today comes complete with such innovative features as pressure-sensitive tips, magnetized bodies, conductive brush heads and wireless, Bluetooth functionality. The new genereation of stylus is sleek, useful, and relatively affordable, making it the perfect item on which to put your brand!

Branded stylus pens make great corporate gifts and tradeshow giveaways. They are also the perfect item to supply to your mobile sales team. Think about it – every time a sales rep pulls out their ipad, the stylus pen is a showcase for your logo and another way to keep your brand top of mind.

One of our favorite brandable stylus pens is the Luxe Bravado Ballpoint Stylus from Leeds. It doubles as a pen AND a stylus and features a soft rubber tip integrated into the end cap of pen that eliminates fingerprints and smudges on your device. This particular stylus is compatible with any capacitive touchscreen device and is a great example of how elegant a stylus can be! Prices for the Luxe Bravado start at $8.98 per piece (and this includes decoration). Have your logo laser etched onto it, or personalize the stylus with the name or initials of your recipient. Either way, this would make a thoughtful gift that is certain to be used regularly by whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

Give us a call if you’re interested in putting your brand or logo on a stylus. Our sales team can provide you with pricing and lead times, and explore options for decorating.

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