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Beyond Giveaways: Create Memorable Event Experiences for Your Brand in 2017

Sponsoring an event is a great way to build your brand, engage your audience, and partner with a brand that enhances yours. From major sports event sponsorships down to tradeshow booths, choosing the right products, the right delivery, and the right events make all the difference in your brand exposure.

It?s no surprise that promotional products consistently appear as line items in any marketer?s budget. Custom giveaways strategically build brand awareness while simultaneously presenting your brand?s values to the world in a creative, tangible way. In fact, giveaways have a proven effect on event participants:

  • 66%+ of event participants in one study claimed they could recall the brand logo on their promotional products 
  • 56% of participants claimed their impression of the company improved after receiving the gift.

Here are some great ways to maximize visibility at conferences and events this year:

 Premium On-Site Gift Experiences
Bespoke, boutique event gifting creates a high-impact, premium event experience for each attendee. It all started with Maui Jim sending their sales team to events to custom fit attendees for sunglasses upon arrival to an event. Since then, companies like Bose, Bulova, Tumi, and Trek have launched on-site gift experiences that are both classy and memorable. Create the perfect corporate event experience ? co-brand with premium items that event attendees will use time and time again.

Promotional Giveaways for Conferences and Expos
One event blogger writes, nothing denigrates your brand more than a mass-produced low-end item with your brand name attached to it. One high-value item however speaks volumes about the investment you make in your own business and the importance of a customer or employee relationship you are celebrating with that promotional item.” We couldn?t have said it better ourselves. As experts in the premium promotional product co-branding space PK has a keen eye for the items that uphold your brand?s integrity while making an impact on your target audience.

Event Sponsorship Activation: 

iMac NGGC cartAre you sponsoring an event this year? Get creative and engage the audience before during and after the event. Instead of a generic giveaway at registration create multiple touchpoints throughout. A social media contest before the event promoting a high-end item with your brand logo is a great way to generate excitement and a post-event microsite allowing attendees to purchase event-exclusive apparel and gear keeps the momentum going.

ParsonsKellogg sits at the intersection of unmatched co-branding experience and direct access to premium brands at exclusive prices – making us a go-to resource for clients who want to make the most of out event sponsorships. Whether it’s apparel electronics gear or sporting goods let ParsonsKellogg help you choose unique high-quality items and experiences to represent your brand on-site at any event.

Last summer PK executed our own on-site experience as sponsors of Design Week RI where our custom-printed shirts and branded Adirondack chairs made an appearance at each featured “Morning Talk.” Read more here.

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