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Container ShipWithout question, in today?s economy, everyone is looking for a bargain. No matter if you are at the grocery store, shopping online or buying real estate, it is a competitive marketplace and you want to ensure you are getting the best product at the best price. The same holds true if you are looking to expand your brand using Promotional Products.

Domestic merchandise campaigns are amazing, however if you are able to review your marketing calendar a few months in advance and iron out your budget requirements, the world can be your oyster.

Successful Offshore Sourcing

Here at parsonsKellogg, we manage a $3 million-dollar import business that?s an important part of our success. We responsibly source a full array of custom products that are tested to verify their compliance with the 2012 Lead Requirements and CPSIA Testing Standards. Our on the ground” presence in Asia has given us the advantage of getting the highest return on investment for every job. Our client partners that have taken advantage of our import service include Citi Bacardi Mercedes Nike GM TD Bank as well as 15 professional sports teams. They choose parsonsKellogg because of our ability to offer all types of products better faster and cheaper than our competition due to our close vendor relationships volume and best sourcing practices.

High Quality Low Cost

There are plenty of advantages to importing promotional products from overseas. The obvious benefits of importing include cost savings and the flexibility to determine the exact product and specifications to meet your project requirements. At parsonsKellogg we are committed to offering the highest quality goods at the lowest possible cost.

We understand the complexities of importing promotional products including the many regulatory and logistical aspects. We fully review and adhere to the highest standards in the areas of:

  • Product and vendor selection?
  • Price comparison and negotiation?
  • Quality control checks?
  • Product testing and certification?
  • Packaging design and review?
  • Shipping and logistics all the way through customs clearance procedures?
  • Worldwide transportation and logistics ??

Over the years we established unique relationships with today?s leading brands giving us access to their products and styles which our competition cannot source. As a Master Supplier we also offer prices that are un-matched. We can source anything of interest to you through our partnerships with hundreds of brands.

Let?s work together to get the most out of your marketing dollars! Give us a call at (401) 438-0650 to learn more about our offshore sourcing solutions.

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