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Finding ways to attract new customers to your organization can seem difficult at times. With so many marketing strategies out there, which one do you choose to get the most for your time and money?

Providing a customer with a free gift after they purchase a product from you can lead to repeat sales. Whether the product is small or large, branded or unbranded, gift-with-purchase programs are a hit with customers, with some studies on this subject showing that up to 90% of consumers will come back and purchase products from a company regularly if they receive a free gift.

Launching a successful gift with purchase campaign is the key.

Have a goal in mind

It is important that, as an organization, you know what your targets are for your gift-with-purchase campaign. Are you looking to get more sales for certain products? If so, you may just want to offer free promotional gifts with the purchase of those specific items. If you are looking for an increase in overall sales or repeat sales, then offering a free gift with every order may be a better approach. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you track progress against your goals and know that the campaign worked. Here’s an example of how one company used a branded gift-with-purchase to promote sales of Avery products.

avery gift with purchase

Choose the right bonus product

When deciding on a product to give away, you’ll want to think about your target market and consider if the gift supports and improves the products you regularly sell. For example if you sold quality pens, you may want to provide your customers with quality stationary so that they can use the stationary alongside the pen.

State the terms of your offer clearly

Your offer terms should be very clear so that the customer knows exactly how they can receive their free gift and what they will be receiving. Here are a few things to remember when it comes to advertising.

  • Be specific as to how they can receive the offer.
  • Let them know what they will receive.
  • Clearly state the end date for the offer.
  • Be sure to include “while stocks last” – this will cover you if you run out of product.

Consider the branding

When it comes to gift-with-purchase programs, packaging and branding can make all the difference. Having a promotional product that reminds customers of your company can be a great tool for getting their repeat business. For example, if you are giving away that stationary, why not include your company’s branding, message or logo? This will remind the customer every time they see the stationary of where they received that free gift from and lead to repeat orders.

Time it right

To achieve the best results, run your gift-with-purchase programs during a busy shopping time. Consider launching your campaign around times such as holidays, back to school, or bridal season. The best timing for you will depend on the products you are selling and what your promotional gift will be.

Have enough product on hand

There is nothing worse as a customer than to be sent an offer, purchase a product as a result of this offer, and then be told you won’t be receiving what was promised. Before running your promotion, be sure to have enough stock on hand or be sure that the manufacturer or company you are using to provide your promotional product has the capacity to provide what you need in a timely manner.

Measurable Targets

The ability to demonstrate ROI is one of the most important aspects of your gift-with-purchase program. Make sure you have your measurable targets set so that you can tell if your campaign was successful or not.

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