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Whether you are perusing through Pinterest or exploring the aisles at a department store, great packaging doesn’t just catch the eye; it can literally determine whether you make a sale.

In today?s marketplace, to break through the clutter of the hundreds of other competing companies and products out there, it pays to be different. Innovation in packaging will get your product noticed, it will help build your brand, and it will give your product some personality. Custom packaging provides unique branding opportunities to add exclusivity to your brand and promotional product campaign.

Here at parsonsKellogg, we have plenty of experience designing and producing custom packaging for clients? promotions, and we?re sharing some of the ways we?ve used them to differentiate our client?s brands at events, tradeshows, and POP displays:

 Mercedes Tin Mercedes: Mercedes holds a golf tournament program throughout the country, with the winners going to a playoff tournament in Hawaii. Working with Nike, they wanted to give away gift cards to tournament participants, but didn?t want to simply present a card in the typical gift card sleeve. We worked with them to develop a co-branded solution that incorporated a custom-designed tin with a custom foam insert. Inside was a brochure that offered the recipient a free golf club or bag if they took a test drive. The package also included a sleeve of golf balls and a parsonsKellogg-designed custom gift card.
GreyGoose Grey Goose Vodka: Grey Goose Vodka was looking for a way to showcase a variety of its products and wanted a solution that could be used at special events, and for customer and distributor promotions. parsonsKellogg designed and produced custom made golf-ball boxes with custom-logo golf balls. These were used at Grey Goose-sponsored golf tournaments and have been made available to wholesalers as promotions.
ESPN Custom Box ESPN: ESPN asked parsonsKellogg to develop a branded giveaway for special events that they could customize depending upon the event budget. We produced a custom box with foil stamp, belly band, and custom tissue paper that can be stuffed with branded items such as balls, hats, shirts, or outerwear to coincide with the event theme and audience.
Orioles Dugout Club Baltimore Orioles: The Dugout Club is the official kids club of the Baltimore Orioles. Members, all of whom are children under the age of 14, received this parsons-Kellogg designed lunchbox full of Orioles collateral and Dugout Club membership information.
pk self promotion parsonsKellogg Self Promotion: Earlier this year, we produced this custom box for a self promotion mailer designed to encourage prospective clients to book a 30 minute go-to-meeting presentation with us. Inside was a head cover and a flyer inviting the recipient to book the meeting in exchange for a golf club to fill the head cover.

There are a variety of ways that we work with clients to develop custom packaging. We can work with your in-house design team or you can take advantage of our creative group for package design. We?re able to leverage our extensive local network of packaging manufacturers for competitive pricing and increased speed to market, and if time permits, we can take advantage of our offshore resources for even better pricing.

Check out our Pinterest board for more information on these promotional products as well as other innovative ideas! Give us a call at (401) 438-0650 to learn more about unique ways to creatively package your next product campaign.



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