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EmbroideryThe world of promotional products and ad specialties is incredibly vast. From pens and mugs, to awards and apparel, there are literally millions of products that can be decorated with your logo or message. Every product is different, and therefore the way you decorate a product should be tailored to the product itself (is it made of fabric? glass? wood? metal?) and the intended use (will it get wet? sit in the sun? be used for eating or drinking?).

With so many product types and decorating techniques, it can be difficult for the lay person to understand the best way to decorate the product of their choice. And in this case, mistakes can be costly! If you order 1,000 performance t-shirts and have them embroidered in your logo only to discover that the fabric puckers when you wash and dry them, you can’t return the shirts and there is really no resale market for a shirt with someone else’s logo on it!

One very important reason to work with an experienced promotinal products consultant is that they will help ensure your products are decorated appropriately. A good consultant stays on top of new technologies that impact decoration techniques and can advise you of the best strategy to ensure your products look good, are safe to use, and are priced competitively.

Here at parsonsKellogg, we’ve got in house embroidery machines that allow us to acheive very fast turnaround times and competitive pricing on embroidered products. In addition to embroidery, however, there are some interesting and cutting edge techniques that you might consider when decorating products for your next promotional campaign.

Digital Printing ? is a new technology that prints images directly onto garments from a computer. Digital printing provides extra durability and a soft feel to garments. The process is ideal for programs that require high quality, full color images or photographic reproductions of a design.

Debossing ? allows you to leave an impression of your logo onto a materials surface. What?s left behind is a clean, crisp logo you can see and feel. Debossing is ideal for leather, paper, and vinyl.

Transfers ? your design is printed on a transfer material and then pressed onto a garment. This process is ideal for multi color designs and smaller production runs. The latest trend includes a one-color transfer logo on the inside back tag to replace a traditional sewn-in size label. Transfers are also great for performance fabrics that may pose limitations with other traditional decorating methods.

Laser Engraving ? gives your logo a clean, polished appearance by precisely etching the logo into the material?s surface. Laser engraving is perfect for awards, pens, and drink ware.

Screen Printing with Specialty Inks – Specialty inks can give an added dimension, visual interest or texture to a garment. A few unique ways to decorate using specialty inks are by adding:

–          High Density ? Makes the ink 3D with straight edges.

–          Puff ? Makes the ink puff with soft edges.

–          Crystalina ? Clear glitter placed over colored ink.

–          Metallic ? Colored Inks with a metallic shine.

–          Glow in the Dark ? Once ink is exposed to light, it glows.

Here at parsonsKellogg, we provide the excitement your brand or event needs to get to the next level and deliver your message to your customer with unique, custom-designed promotional products fueled by leading edge innovation. As a premium and promotional design service, we will help you cut through the clutter of “open market” solutions and determine the best decorating techniques for your specific product and campaign.

Let?s work together to get the most out of your marketing dollars! Give us a call at (401) 438-0650 to learn more about unique ways to decorate products.

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