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5 Questions with Will Cosajay

Will Cosajay, the coolest guy in shipping and receiving

2 years at ParsonsKellogg

1) As the coolest guy in receiving, can you describe what you do?

I don’t know about the coolest guy in receiving but definitely cool, nonetheless. My job here at ParsonsKellogg is to maintain an accurate count of merchandise or supplies flowing into the warehouse and allocating them to their specific departments. Being part of a great team drives me to go beyond my responsibilities as a receiver and learn other facets within the warehouse. The “Bat Cave” as I refer to my receiving desk, serves as the base of my operations as well as my laboratory of beats, where I create the mood through bass, soul and funk to motivate that good work experience. Here at Parsons Kellogg I have been fortunate to witness the determination to achieve excellence to recognize my responsibility to upholding the PK brand.

2) What is your secret to success at PK?

My success at PK comes from a humble beginning. I started at this company while changes were happening here and in my own personal life. Those obstacles in life that can hinder us so easily are also the ones that can help grow our potential for greatness. Success is the journey to happiness, not the destination. Life is good.

3) We have heard that you are skilled at cutting hair. Tell us about that.

I have been a barber now for about 19 years and started cutting hair at the age of 14. It started off as a way to make money on my own and quickly grew to a hobby I became passionate about. Cutting hair funded my first Cadillac and my love for classic cars.

4) As a car lover, what is your dream car and why?

To start, I love luxury and a classic look to my cars, from the sleek lines of the 500 Benz series to the horsepower of a Grand National. I love women, too, but they are harder to understand, so I?ll take my chances with cars.

We Gon Get Thur Graphic Tee5) We hear you are the company hype man” and have coined the inspirational slogan for PK and those small steps we take together on this course of life shall bring us farther.

Bonus Question: If you were to sum up your philosophy on work and life in one phrase what would it be?

My philosophy on life and work is summed up by Julius Caesar: “I came I saw I conquered.”


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