July's Brand of the Month: johnnie-O

Posted by Rachel Sullivan on Fri, Jul 7, 2017 @ 10:07 AM


Are khaki shorts and a blue blazer a fashion faux pas? Our brand of the month johnnie-O’s founder John O’Donnell doesn’t think so; in fact, it was this kind of pairing that gave way to his successful brand in 2004. John is all about pushing the boundaries of the known and expanding into the unknown, a character trait that gave the company the edge it needed to become so popular over the past 13 years.

John’s life straddled two places, a town on the north shore of Chicago and Los Angeles. He wanted to create the perfect mixture of his two worlds: his Chicago style of khakis, a blue blazer, and penny loafers combined with the Los Angeles flip-flops, board shorts, and graphic tees. It was from his experiences in these two cities that the brand’s "west coast prep" vibes were born.

A few of johnnie-O's top products—

Jack Polo (bottom left)Classic, lightweight top that’s perfect for the golf course or the office.

Lammie ¼ Zip Prep-Formance Pullover (bottom right)Great for a cool morning run or casual wear, this pullover will keep you comfortable and stylish











PK provides exclusive access to premium brands like johnnie-O for promotional apparel. We give you the opportunity to co-brand with companies that allow promotion inside and outside the walls of your company. The summer months are a flurry of activity, so your marketing initiatives have access to a greater audience. Items such as the Lammie Pullover are great because they stick with you as the seasons transition from summer to fall! To bring an air of casual style to your brand and employee base, add your logo to the top corporate styles from johnnie-O!

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Arbor Day, Earth Day, and Giving Back with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Apr 21, 2017 @ 08:04 AM


Between Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 28), a lot of our focus will be drawn to protecting our planet this week - whether it be by planting a tree, carpooling to work, or switching to solar energy. (At PK, we installed solar panels to our office and warehouse space last summer.) In honor of these special holidays, here’s a few of our favorite eco-friendly vendors and promotional products 

Patagonia For Good
When we think eco-friendly, we think Patagonia. First organic cotton, then recycled materials, now Traceable Down- Patagonia covers all the bases for preservation and fair treatment of animals, plants, and humans alike. Some products from Patagonia we love: the Fisherman's Rolled Cap, the Better Sweater, and the Refugio pack -- all pictured below.

WBF16_29105_CUSO.jpg   WBS17_25522_BUFG.jpgWBS16_47911_DFTG.jpg

*PK is a member of 1% Percent for the Planet - a global movement started by Patagonia’s founder to support grassroots environmental organizations, through which we donate 1% of all our Patagonia sales to benefit the cause. 

Conserve Resources
It can be hard to find promotional products that are built from green materials on a budget, but that doesn't mean you can't choose products that help you be environmentally responsible every day! Here are a few ideas to save the planet in little ways with promo products from PK.

Brandable Plastic Tumblers with Straws: If you're anything like us, your iced coffee comes in a disposable plastic cup every morning (and afternoon!). In fact - over 150 million disposable plastic cups are used every day in the US. Reduce waste and get your brand in the hands of daily coffee drinkers with brandable tumblers, from a plain color plastic to this heavy duty RTIC. This same concept applies when switching out disposable water bottles for an insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle you can use again and again. 

Customizable Grocery Totes: Disposable plastic grocery bags cannot be recycled - and they take 15 to 1000 years to decompose organically. Luckily, a major switch to reusable grocery bags continues to grow. With your brand on a reusable tote, your logo goes with your audience not only to the grocery store, but anywhere they need to bring a quick carry bag. 

Solar Powered Phone Chargers: Our smartphones are essentially an extra vital organ - but one that needs to be recharged, probably more than once a day. Portable chargers come with us everywhere, providing ample opportunity for impressions for your brand. What better way to get your logo out there and preserve our planet than powering up phones via solar?

This year's Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery - so Go Green with promotional products from PK. If you want to play a role in making positive changes for our planet while also securing high-quality custom promotional apparel and products, contact PK to shop our exclusive Patagonia line and access great deals on eco-friendly products from other brands.

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Promotional Products For Runners That Go the Distance

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Apr 14, 2017 @ 08:04 AM


Marathon Monday is just days away, and we could not be more excited for the 30,000 runners making the trek from Hopkinton to Boylston Street this year. (Can you believe the event started wtih just 18 runners in 1897?)

The Boston Marathon symbolically marks the start of marathon season, which won't be over until mid-November. In total, there are 570 marathons expected to take place across the US with over 500,000 finishers - not to mention the 5.7 million runners racing shorter distances throughout the year. And the fastest marathon ever? 2:02:57, which means at least 2 hours of brand exposure on the fastest runners at races - but the average man in the US finishes a marathon in 4:19:27. On top of that, cheer sections and race expos pull in families and spectators to big races, adding thousands more people to the running scene. 

What's this mean for your branding strategy? Impressions. Here's a few products we love that will make a memory and earn your brand the first place medal with the active crowd. 

Nike Shield 1/2 Zip (pictured above), featuring mesh lining for weather-resistant protection and incredible breathability. Stretch cuffs and adjustable hem for a custom fit and side zip pockets for convenient storage.

Nike Jacquard Towel (pictured above) - built for golfers, with thick absorbent fabric good enough to dry off after any warm weather run.

Fitbits make a great corporate gift for clients or employees and promote wellness every day (marathon runners clock over 50,000 steps over 26.2 miles!)

Under Armour Run Shorts leave plenty of room for a screen-printed logo on the leg while still providing a sweat-wicking, moisture control short with side hand pockets. 

17 oz. Copper Insulated Vacuum Bottles come in 14 colors and provide substantial place for your logo. Plus, they keep drinks cold for 48 hours, so this bottle will be used over and over again, even after race day.

Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones - Bluetooth, wireless headphones that use breakthrough technology allowing you to control your own level of noise cancellation and tune out while you run.

Angel City Beer

Women's Nike Dry Tank and Men's Nike Miler Tank (above) - For this year's LA Marathon, Team ACB (Angel City Beer) got Nike tanks from PK, printed with their logo - a great way to run as a team and to promote their brewery for the duration of the race! 

Don't miss the opportunity to get your logo in the hands of an active audience all race-season long with health and fitness promotional items from PK. 

Go the Distance with PK

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PK Brand of the Month - Vineyard Vines

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Apr 7, 2017 @ 08:04 AM


The word "April" is thought to be derived from the Latin "aperire," to open, in honor of the trees and flowers opening to new beginnings. It's with that spirit that we've chosen a company founded on new beginnings for our April Brand of the Month - Vineyard Vines. 

PK Brand of the Month: Vineyard Vines

VV logo.pngShep and Ian Murray are two brothers from Greenwich, CT who grew up summering on Martha's Vineyard. Between boating, sailing, fishing, and starting up various small businesses, their formative years were founded on what they call "living the good life." As the 90's dragged on, both brothers found themselves at miserable desk jobs in Manhattan, dreading the workweek. So, on the same day, both brothers quit their jobs and started on their journey to a new beginning with Vineyard Vines.

The company was founded entirely on the brothers' combined credit card debt in 1998. They sold 4 original tie designs out of backpacks on Martha's Vineyard that summer, and realized they were onto something after selling 800 ties in one weekend in July. It was then that Vineyard Vines was truly born.

As New Englanders, we like the preppy look and feel of Vineyard Vines as a lifestyle brand. That said, but they also manufacture licensed MLB, NFL, and college sports apparel - proof of their versatile co-branding prowess

The company's slogan, Every Day Should Feel This Good, is the backbone of their culture. Founded on principles like "fun" and "passion," it's easy to see why companies want to co-brand with the whale. 

Some products from Vineyard Vines we love...

Whale Logo Baseball Hat (pictured): One of Vineyard Vines' best-loved products, a traditional, 6-paneled baseball cap with an adjustable strap.

Performance Polos (pictured): A sharp looking golf polo built with moisture-wicking fabrics and plenty of stretch.

Custom Tote Bags: A great way to incorporate your logo in Vineyard Vines silk on a daily use item. Perfect for holiday gifts!

Shep Shirt: The classic New England pullover that pairs perfectly with jeans or khakis.

We are excited to offer Vineyard Vines products as part of the ParsonsKellogg Pre-Booking program, which provides early access to promotional products a season in advance. By pre-booking promotional apparel, our clients exercise early buying power and reap the rewards through expanded product selection and pre-booking discounts.

If committment to seeing dreams through and having fun doing it is at the core of your business values, Vineyard Vines is a great co-branding partner for you. 

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Promotional apparel, a staple of the corporate marketplace, excels at building recognition of your brand and solidifying client loyalty – but only if it is done well. ParsonsKellogg provides premium promotional apparel at the best prices through exclusive access to iconic brands. Our solid relationships maximize quality and minimize cost. PK is your singular destination for the best brands and selection in custom promotional products and apparel.

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Top 5 Outdoor Brands Giving Promotional Products a Breath of Fresh Air

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Mar 31, 2017 @ 08:03 AM


Close to half of the American population participated in at least one outdoor activity in 2015, per the latest report from the Outdoor Foundation, and that number is projected to rise for 2016. That number also equates to 142.4 million participants, who went on a collective 11.7 billion outdoor outings. Between running, fishing, hiking, camping, and bicycling, this audience creates a massive market for a widespread selection of promotional products across many categories. 

In the spirit of serving this major audience, we've put together a list of Outdoor Super Brands. These brands offer products on which our clients love to put their logos, and the opportunity to pair your brand with an active audience. Here's our list of the top 5 favorite names in the outdoor space giving promotional products a breath of fresh air:


RTIC's slogan is "Overbuilt, Not Overpriced" - and that's exactly how we feel about their drinkware. The company manufactures premium rotomolded coolers, soft sided coolers & stainless steel drinkware that prove extremely popular among our promotional products clients.

Drinkware from RTIC is a great way to earn impressions all day, as users bring their bottles and tumblers wherever they go. Their double-wall, vacuum-insulated 30 oz tumbler is equally at home in both locations, and keeps drinks cold for up to 60 hours, which means the longevity of your ice-cold beverage will match the longevity of your logo's impression!

RTIC's new spring product line has the slogan "half the price and holds more ice," setting them apart from the competition. In short, this brand offers an opportunity to co-brand with a company that values excellent performance and high quality, even in a saturated market.


We can't say it enough - Patagonia is one of our favorite brands in our portfolio. Founded in 1973 by two avid rock climbers, the company started out selling hand-forged climbing gear and climbing apparel. Soon after, the brand expanded to cover snow sports, surfing, and fishing, alongside general comfort-wear. 

Patagonia believes that, for these types of sports, "reward comes in the form of hard-won grace and moments of connection between us and nature." We agree, and this idea flows through every factor of Patagonia's business. 
The company manufactures its clothing using only organic cotton and fair-trade certified materials, and uses their business model as a medium for reducing greenhouses gases, defending clean water and air, and protecting and preserving the environment. 

With products like their Better Sweater, Yerba Backpack, and Adze jacket, Patagonia provides PK's clients a range of opportunities to co-brand with a label that prides itself on its sustainability measures. 

*PK donates 1% of all Patagonia sales to One Percent for the Planet. Click here to learn more

Helly Hansen

Developed in Norway, Helly Hansen has become a leader in technical sailing and performance ski apparel - and a leader in PK's premium brand portfolio. The brand, which was "born by the sea and raised by the mountains," is your ideal partner and protector in any kind of weather.

Be it hurricane, snow storm, or sunny day on the seas, Helly Hansen is there at the intersection between function and style. Better yet, you can use HH in any layer. From moisture-wicking baselayer crew necks, to their Daybreaker fleece midlayer, to an outerwear coat, like the women's Voss Jacket, co-branding opportunities exist inside and out.

Helly Hansen triumphs in "professional-grade gear that helps people stay and feel alive." Now those are values we'd want to align with!


lantern.jpgTrekk Outdoor

A "trek" is defined as "a long and often difficult journey," and Trekk Outdoor products hope to "make your journey a little easier." New to the outdoor space, Trekk was founded in Fall 2015 specializing in luxury outdoor accessories and gear.

The brand aims to prove that there's no need to sacrifice functionality for quality when it comes to the outdoors. With camping hammocks, solar-powered lanterns, and compact folding swivel chairs, the company has hit the market running with high-quality, premium outdoor products we can't resist.

If both form and function are core to your values, consider Trekk Outdoor as a co-branding partner for this year's promotional gear. 

High Sierra

High Sierra bags are a staple of the promotional products marketplace. Feature-rich, versatile, and understated, High Sierra bags are great for any occasion. 

A division of Samsonite, a company that believes their products are the true brand heroes, and play many roles in the "multifaceted lives" of their buyers. We agree, since we've embroidered client logos on a wide range of High Sierra products from rolling duffels to backpacks to adventure accessories like flashlights and hand tools.

High Sierra was named after a region of California with snowy winters, glistening summer lakeviews, and endless meadows of spring flowers. With a product line as versatile as the landscape of its namesake, the opporutnities for promotional branding is endless. "Adventure This Way" with your logo on High Sierra products.


These brands aren't the only ones who value The Great Outdoors. Premium brands like Adidas and Nike are capitalizing on increased participation in outdoor activities, and have released lines to represent this faction as well.

With ParsonsKellogg, you'll gain exclusive access to premium outdoor brands defined by adventure. If your brand aims to push the boundaries, is inspired by experience, and encourages "embracing the journey," one of these labels might offer the perfect co-branding opportunity for you.

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Welcome Gifts for Entry-Level New Hires

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Mar 24, 2017 @ 09:03 AM

vvbyb.jpgIf you are one of the thousands of companies planning to hire entry-level new grads this year, you've got a lot to think about in the next few months:

  • In May, over 1.8 MILLION college students will graduate with a bachelor's degree. 
  • With a positive job market outlook, employers expect to hire more new grads in 2017 than 2016.
  • 64% of millenials care about perks and benefits, a close second to culture and values and a driving factor in their decisions to work for a specific company.

Why not kill two birds with one stone and pull culture and perks together with welcome gifts and experiences? We've come up with a few ideas from the promotional products world to make your new employees feel special this summer as they start their journeys into new careers. 

mpolobyb.jpgDressed for Success

One of our largest clients knows that starting a new job means buying a whole new professional wardrobe - that's why they tasked PK with outfitting their new hires for sales success. The company, which employs over 17,000 people, gives each new hire a budget to spend on their custom webstore (that PK manages) to choose company-branded apparel and accessories from premium brands. The store offers items like Nike Dri-Fit polos and Vineyard Vines oxford shirts, alongside other brands that look professional and boast quality - values that match our client's culture as well. What better way to say welcome to a new hire than to position them to succeed?

swisscase.jpgWork-Life Blend

Work from home hours are increasingly popular in the work world today. Since employees aren't in the office every day, why not remind them at home that they're still part of the team? Custom laptop bags like this one from Swiss Victorniox protect equipment and see daily use, while headphones, powerbanks, and travel gear go everywhere with remote workers. Not only will your employees feel more connected, but your brand will gain exposure at the coffee shops and on the trains where they're working. Don't have a work from home program? Portable, useful items and name-brand apparel are promotional products that travel well and make an impression to and from the office, and beyond. 


Companies are dreaming up more and more innovative ways to connect to employees through experience. Pandora has live, in-office concerts, Twitter has 24 hour catered meals, and DDB picks up their new hires in a hired Town Car day one, before giving them a welcome kit full of swag.

Experiences make the strongest impressions, and provide ample opportunities for logo impressions - and these days, you can put your logo on anything. From branded Fender guitars, to custom snowboards, to Maui Jim event welcome kits, we've worked with our clients on creative experiences and event prizes that inspire excitement about their brands.


All that said, a simple welcome gift - whether it be a Patagonia backpack, a Southern Tide sweater or a Moleskine notebook - is just enough to make a new hire feel like they're part of the team. Moreover, they'll appreciate the thought that goes into choosing quality brands. (Click here to view employee gifts we've come up with for employees of all durations.)

ParsonsKellogg provides exclusive access to promotional apparel and accessories premium sporting goods and lifestyle brands. Welcome your new hires with promotional products that make a killer first impression - contact PK!

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PK Brand of the Month: Adidas

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Fri, Mar 17, 2017 @ 10:03 AM


It's March, aka the cornerstone month for major sports across the US. March Madness and the World Baseball Classic kick off the spring, followed closely by The Masters, MLB Opening Day, the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the NBA playoffs. For us, nobody knows sports more than this month's Brand of the Month - adidas. adidas is a "truly global sports brand," with pure sports roots. Here's why we think they deserve the Brand of the Month title.

PK Brand of the Month: adidas

adidas logo.jpgWe know adidas, our parents know adidas, and even our grandparents know adidas. Talk about maintenance of brand integrity! Originally founded under a different name in 1924 in Germany, and renamed in 1949 as the brand we know today, adidas' staple 3-stripes have been found on reliable, comfortable sportswear for close to 100 years.

The great thing about adidas is how well they know sports - and how specifically they design their products to fit their designated functions. This year, they've given their NCAA teams new uniforms for the postseason, and they're replacing Reebok as the official uniform provider for the NHL. Taylormade-adidas Golf boasts current and former World #1's Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods as the brand's tour professionals. It's clear the company aligns itself with excellence.

With marketing slogans like "adidas is all in," and "impossible is nothing," we can't resist offering their apparel and accessories to our customers who are passionate about their industries and stop at nothing to succeed. Co-branding with adidas for corporate promotional products is a no-brainer for for companies who value quality and consider their services the best in the world. 

ParsonsKellogg customers have exclusive access to a number of lines by adidas, including their Team apparel and their Taylormade-Adidas Golf brand. What this means for you? Promotional products, apparel, and accessories not typically offered to the corporate market, available to customize with your logo from PK.

Some products from adidas we love...

Men's Adidas Team 1/4 Zip (pictured above): Built to keep you warm and comfortable on the sidelines and in the conference room. 

Taylormade Duffel (pictured above): A reliable classic from Taylormade, an adidas group golf brand known for combining innovation with authenticity.

Women's Performance Polo (pictured above): A staple for both men and women in the corporate market, this adidas polo makes the cut for a number of our clients' webstores, with UV 30+ protection and a classic 3-button style that works on the course and in the office.

3-Stripes Backpack (pictured below): Brand swag taken to the next level with a simple, reliable pack that brings effortless style to your brand.

Climachill Stripe Polo (pictured below): 360º ventilation for maximum cooling from adidas' climachill line, "woven with small, aluminum silver dots that help to pull heat away from the wearer's body as well as provide a cool, refreshing touch to the skin"


 If adidas' values match your own, contact PK to learn more about co-branding with premium golf, sportswear, and lifestyle brands like adidas and stay ahead of the game with your promotional products. 

Promotional apparel, a staple of the corporate marketplace, excels at building recognition of your brand and solidifying client loyalty – but only if it is done well. ParsonsKellogg provides premium promotional apparel at the best prices through exclusive access to iconic brands. Our solid relationships maximize quality and minimize cost. PK is your singular destination for the best brands and selection in custom promotional apparel. (Sign up here to receive updates.)

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Put Your Best Foot Forward with Promotional Products

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Thu, Feb 23, 2017 @ 08:02 AM


On the weekends, the start of spring means baseball games, blooming flowers, and the lightness that comes with shedding that down coat for less bulky layers.

Monday to Friday, however, spring marks an uptick in business development efforts and meetings - with investors, with shareholders, and with current and future clients. We've come up with a few scenarios in which promotional products can help you put your best foot forward.

Client & Prospect Meetings

The strongest communicators have a clear, consistent, and compelling message. Consistency means reliability, and reliability breeds trust. Don't miss the opportunity to get your brand's message and context in front of customers and stakeholders in subtle ways, like getting your logo on promotional products from brands that reflect your style and values. 


Represent at meetings with embroidered Vineyard Vines oxfords


Take notes with branded Moleskine notebooks

Investor Presentations

Spring means a slew of investor presentations in the finance world - an important chance to put the best foot forward for small companies, investors, and event planners alike. Why not take advantage of major presentations and corporate travel as an opportunity to build your brand?


Sophisticated Business Travel with Peter Millar duffels



Planning a conference? Build Your Brand (or your client's!) with Cross Pens 

Current Clients and Tradeshows

America spends more than $20B a year on personalized promotional products and custom logo items because they keep our companies top of mind. Whether it's at a tradeshow or after a meeting, make sure your first impression lasts with distinctive promotional gifts that expand your brand recognition every day.


PUMA's Soundchuck Bluetooth Speakers keep your clients listening

No matter the occasion, ParsonsKellogg can work with your team to build your brand using our exclusive access to premium brands in styles and colors not typically included in corporate collections. Co-brand with classics like Nike and Under Armour, with outdoor mammoths like Patagonia and Helly Hanson, and with up and coming lifestyle brands like Peter Millar and Southern Tide. Place a single order for promotional items for your teams, or create a company webstore to outfit your employees in style. 

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Build Your Brand: Promotional Products and Color

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Thu, Feb 16, 2017 @ 08:02 AM


There's a debate going around the PK office right now about the true hue of a color in our brand guidelines -- some are on Team Yellow, others Team Orange. The jury's still out, but at the end of the day, what matters is that we've got a set of defining colors and we're sticking to them.

"The color of your brand is an essential character in your brand’s story." In the promotional products world, color is a core component of how end users interact wtih a brand. Since the purpose of our industry is to increase brand recognition, we are constantly considering the color and design of corporate logos. The first thing consumers see is your colors - and in a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers uncovered that color alone dictates up to 90% of snap judgments made about products. 

Below, we've come up with some facts and considerations for you when putting your brand on promotional products. Even if your colors have been established for years, these are great tips for translating your brand to embroidery or screen print - for first timers or for those who want to bring accent colors to the mix!

semiotics color wheel.pngThe Facts:

Color increases brand recognition by 80%. (Look left - imagine John Deere's logo pink, or Coca-Cola green? The whole identity would be changed.)

Logo color attracts attention to and allows us to relate with a brand.

Color is understood through culture, interpreted differently by ethnicity, gender, age, and religion.

Colors can categorize. For instance, Fed Ex - their brand color is purple, but they use green, orange, grey and other colors to indicate a specific service.

Color combinations affect our interaction with the colors. See Pantone's color pairings for this year to see what we mean!

 Color Considerations:

- Choose brand colors that represent the personality you want your brand to embody - NOT the color's stereotypical "meaning."

- Co-brand with brands that offer products and styles that match with your values and reflect the context of your brand. (With PK pre-booking, you'll have access to retail styles and colors not typically available in the corporate lines.) 

- Work with your promotional products distributor to choose color combinations and designs that align with your brand's values and guidelines.

- Ask about PMS Color Matching to keep your colors consistent across mediums - whether it's on screen, on paper, or on a shirt. 

- Check out this awesome infographic by Marketo for color-specific semantics.

Questions? Contact PK to learn more about how we work with companies to match their brands with premium branded corporate apparel that fits within their branding guidelines and enhances their values.Build Your Brand with PK

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PK Brand of the Month: Peter Millar

Posted by Dominique Ferraro on Thu, Feb 9, 2017 @ 08:02 AM


Premium branded apparel and wearables lie at the core of ParsonsKellogg's business. Promotional apparel, a staple of the corporate marketplace, excels at building recognition of your brand and solidifying client loyalty – but only if it is done well. Now with our Brand of the Month feature, PK will feature a brand (or brands) our clients love, in hopes of introducing you to or strengthening your brand's relationship with the premium brands we have to offer. (Sign up here to receive updates.)

PK Brand of the Month: Peter Millar

PM logo.pngPeter Millar is a relatively new company in the premium sportswear and lifestyle brand space. As a response to less approachable high-end brands, the company was launched in 2001 as an accessible luxury clothing company boasting saturated colors and exquisite detail. Since then, the brand has become "the standard bearer for discerning and demanding individuals — on the golf course, in the office, and on the town."

The brand knows its audience values niceties, and is typically only available retail at prestigious resorts, exclusive country clubs, and fine specialty retail stores. ParsonsKellogg brings this brand to the corporate marketplace in a unique way - by matching the brands who value humbled success, hallowed moments, and high expectations with Peter Millar's sophisticated wearables.

Some products from Peter Millar we love

Nanoluxe Royal Oxford Shirt (pictured above): A classic sport shirt and an essential at the office. 

Drive Performance Duffel (pictured above): weekend bag perfect for an overnight or a quick flight.

Heather Interlock 1/4 Zip: A soft, breathable, brushed cotton mid-layer in classic hues and springy brights that bring sophistication for any occasion.

Women's Short Sleeve Performance Polo: A classic for the ladies that offers quick dry, moisture-wicking fabrics and UPF 50+ protection while preserving our femininity.


Peter Millar - PK Highlights

- Members of the PK team flew down to North Carolina about 6 months ago to view Peter Millar's new facility, and were more than impressed. Our Director of Sales loved their interior wall 7 rows high of sportcoats, and thought the facility was really inviting.

- One of our favorite past orders for Peter Millar polos was from premium vodka brand Grey Goose. It was a great co-branding match, since both companies celebrate the finer moments in life.

- We've begun to include Peter Millar in our exclusive Pre-Booking Program, giving our clients access to luxury styles before anyone else.

- An exciting new project is under way with Peter Millar at PK. Sign up to receive updates as PK makes logoed apparel from Peter Millar and other premium brands even easier to access this year. 

Peter Millar's brand motto is to "live a life of style & substance;" to make your moments count, present yourself well, and fill your days with purpose and meaning. If these values reflect your brand identity, Peter Millar apparel and accessories might be your co-branding match. Contact PK to learn more about co-branding with premium golf, sportswear, and lifestyle brands like Peter Millar and build your brand in style.

ParsonsKellogg provides premium promotional apparel at the best prices through exclusive access to iconic brands. Our solid relationships maximize quality and minimize cost. PK is your singular destination for the best brands and selection in custom promotional apparel.

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